Tips for Caring for the Correct Car Window Film, the Way is Very Easy

Tips for Caring for the Correct Car Window Film, the Way is Very Easy

GnewscarTips for Caring for the Correct Car Window Film, Window film is an important component that is almost certainly used in cars. Its function is to prevent heat from the sun from entering the car cabin so that the driving atmosphere remains comfortable. Film window film is usually installed on the inside of the windshield. In addition, maintenance is also not too complicated so that the condition of the window film is durable and not damaged.

How to care for window film can be wiped from the inside of the cabin. If there are stains, clean it simply by using a slightly damp cloth. Do not use chemicals such as anti-fungal at random. Because if you are not selective in choosing anti-fungal liquid for glass, it will damage the glass layer.

If there is abrasion on the outside, it will distort the view of the driver and passenger from the inside out.

Then what if the window film on the inside is exposed to medicine or interior cleaning fluid?

Maybe many of you who have window film in their car have problems such as the amount of dust or other dirt that sticks. for all of you who feel this problem, please refer to the simple way to clean & care for window film properly below.

Car window film is one part of car accessories that has an important role, especially in vision protection. Besides that, window film is also able to block sun glare directly into the eyes, car window film also has an important role to reject ultraviolet rays that can interfere with the health of your skin. Window film is also able to provide aesthetic value to your car. With the many benefits there are, it is obvious if you have to take care of your car window film.

Before discussing in more detail how to properly clean and care for car window film, to increase your knowledge, please also see the article on the types of car window film.

What you need to know, between caring for and cleaning car window film, the process is clearly different, therefore I will explain one by one so that my friend is not confused in maintaining or cleaning your car window film.

Tips for Caring for the Correct Car Window Film

How to Clean Window Film

Clean Using a Chicken Feather Duster

During the dry season, of course, the road conditions will be very roaring and dry, of course, in this condition, the dust on the streets will certainly stick to your car glass. To clean the dry dust that sticks to the window film you can use a quill duster followed by wiping it using a clean cloth with a soft material to avoid scratches caused by the dust.

Flush Car Rinse and Window Film

If in the dry season you can clean car window films simply by using a feather duster and soft cloth, but you can’t apply this method during the rainy season. To clean car window film from rainwater attacks, you should immediately flush and then rinse the windshield from rainwater that contains acids which can reduce the quality of your car window film.

Those are some simple ways to clean window film. as an addition to the gluing process on window film, it is better if the movement is one-way or a circular motion to avoid scratching the glass. Then to find out how to care for car window film properly so that it is not dull and still durable, here is an explanation that can be applied to your car.


How to care for window film

Pay attention to the condition of the wiper

What you can do for the first time to treat window film is to pay attention to the condition of the wipers, car window film and dual wipers that cannot be separated. for that you must always check the condition of the wipers, because if the condition of the wipers is problematic, the car window film will likely be scratched. One of the characteristics of a wiper that is already experiencing a problem is that the rubber is no longer flexible or looks chapped to sweep water. If the condition of the wiper is like that it should be replaced immediately.

Avoid Using Alcohol and Chemicals

Try not to clean car window films using chemical liquids or alcohol carelessly, as we explained above that chemicals can reduce the performance of the sun’s heat absorbing function. However, if you want to use alcohol, use alcohol or chemicals that have a normal pH (7) and have been proven safe on the market.

Pay attention to the dirt that is between the rubber windows

Always pay attention to the dirt stuck to the sidelines of the rubber on your car window. If there are small grains of dirt, you should clean it immediately. Because if left alone, it will likely scratch the window film on your car.

Wipe the Dew Dry

The last way is by wiping the dew until it is completely dry, care for car window film usually the presence of dew on the windshield is often experienced in the rainy season. Dew that is left just sticking to the car window film will cause mildew on the glass which of course will be difficult to remove if it has been a long time.

Those are some tips for cleaning and caring for your car window film so that the quality is maintained. but even though the method is so simple, it should be noted that you are always consistent in doing these things.