5 Ways to Remove Scratches on Black Cars At Home Easily

5 Ways to Remove Scratches on Black Cars At Home Easily

Gnewscar5 Ways to Remove Scratches on Black Cars At Home Easily, Are you looking for a way to get rid of scratches on a black car? This stroke will certainly reduce the aesthetics of your favorite black car. Especially if scratches or scratches look stretched to meet the car body. No need to rush to move to the car salon, follow this there are several ways to remove scratches on a black car.

How to remove scratches on a black car you can do following the right procedure so as not to aggravate the state of scratches. Can be done independently at home as long as you have the will to do it or can also be taken to the garage and you are just waiting to receive it. Consequently you have to pay a special fee for the repair process. If you can do it independently, it’s actually better to do it at home.

Ways to Remove Scratches on Black Cars

There are a few tips below to get rid of scratches on a black car, of course you can use some tips that can be done to get a car that returns to shiny and shiny, read some of the tips below to get benefits.

Cleaning Process of Surface Area that is Scratched

The first process undertaken to overcome the scratched car paint surface is basically the same as how to overcome scratches on other color paints. Cleaning is indeed very necessary before proceeding to the next process. The process at this point can be used as car maintenance tips that can be done routinely.

Sticking dust will be very annoying and trigger a more severe scratch if not immediately cleaned first. Although the physical form looks very small, but if it is too much and contains debris – gravel fragments will be able to cause scratches.

Do not underestimate the presence of dust that is not cleaned. Dust that is mixed during the repainting process, will make the texture of the paint become rough and when you touch, of course the surface does not taste smooth because of the dust content in it.

2. Make Sure That The Scratches Are Really Scratches

Before deciding to take action on an existing scratch, then you must first ensure that the scratch is really a scratch not just a scratch. If it’s just a scratch it might be enough on the cloth using a half-wet chamois can already be lost.

However, if it is indeed a scratch, further handling will be done in order to improve so that the condition can look better. Existing scratches often make the owner uncomfortable and reduce self-confidence when driving. To remove scratches on the paint, of course, different from the technique of removing scratches on the windshield so you need to pay attention to the points that must be done.

3. Prediction Scratch Depth To Be Precise

How to get rid of scratches on the next black car is to predict the depth of the existing scratch. You can determine how deep the scratches are on your car first. The size of the stroke inside is very influential during the repair process. How to handle it properly and must be done so that it does not make it worse.

Especially if you do the handling independently, which basically does not really understand and is not an expert in the field. Of course it takes a lot of information that can be used as provisions for further handling.

4. Apply Basting Using Compounds

Compound is indeed the material most often used to deal with scratch problems. Scratches that you find, you can immediately apply the compound gradually little by little. Do it with caution so as not to aggravate the existing conditions.

To anticipate the polish – the polish that pollutes the surrounding area you can coat using the newspaper first. No need to be complicated, just use old newspapers is enough so that later you will not be bothered by cleaning parts that may be dirty when the compounding process is in progress. Also read the car maintenance manual.

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5. Do the washing on the part that has been smeared by using the compound

After the compounding process is completely finished, wait a while for the condition to dry. To start cleaning by using water it is mandatory to wait until it is dry so that the basting you do is not in vain and have to repeat it.

The cleaning process this time serves to remove dust that is stuck when the process of basting or drying takes place. Also to clean compounds that may be scattered and look uneven.

For that point one is indeed very important and must be done to ensure the condition of smearing is really good. Don’t forget to use clean water to get maximum results. Take advantage of a soft cloth or chamois as a support tool to facilitate your work.

6. Do the Process Repeatedly – Until Really Good

For deep enough strokes, it is necessary to apply the process repeatedly to get good physical condition. When the compound starts to dry, you can do a more thorough check.

Touch – touch the part that you have coated the compound, if it still feels there is a basin, you can immediately do the re-polishing until the surface condition of the car paint is scratched flat like other parts of the surface. Don’t forget to do the cleaning process again.

7. Make It Shiny Back

Now the last process is to polish the scratched paint to get the best look. You can use the best car paint polish that is proven safe and does not make the color of your car paint change or fade.

This process is used for maintenance only, so that the condition of car paint that has been improved because the scratches do not look dull. Actions like this will surely be done by everyone so the car looks like new all day long.

It can be concluded that the article about how to remove scratches on the black car that has been reviewed above in detail and is well packaged is expected to help facilitate you in learning and understanding it deeper so it is worthy of being used as a reference source.

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5 Ways to Remove Scratches on Black Cars At Home Easily, now you can eliminate the existing scratches in your black car, of course you can remove them easily by following some of the tips above so you can get rid of scratches on your black car and come back shiny and restore the scratches in that way.