What Happens if The Brake Fluid is Low

What Happens if The Brake Fluid is Low?, Important to Change Regularly

What Happens if The Brake Fluid is Low?, Gnewscar – Brakes are one component of the vehicle that plays a very important role. Without these features, the speed of a car cannot be slowed. How to work a car brake is quite simple. Canvass will be attached to the disc which also rotates with the wheel. The tighter the canvas is, the slower the vehicle will decrease.

In the past, activating the brake lining was done mechanically, using a lever. This model car brakes are commonly referred to as drum. Then, it then develops into disc brakes. Different from drum, disc brakes use a special fluid to press the canvas to the disc. The liquid is known as brake fluid.

What happens if the brake fluid is low? or rarely replaced? of course it will be very dangerous driving your car. Brake fluid is one of the car fluids that must be replaced routinely in accordance with what is recommended in the dealer manual. If this is not obeyed, it will certainly damage the brakes and endanger the driver.

Danger If Brake Fluid is Low

Do you have brake related problems? and do you know where the base of the problem lies? it could be that the brake problem you are experiencing comes from less brake fluid. Then what are the characteristics? see the review below.

Previously, it should be emphasized that this brake fluid has a very vital role in car brakes that generally apply a hydraulic system. So every time there is a problem related to this hydraulic brake, do not underestimate and immediately find out the cause.

  • Brakes often fail in the morning / early to drive the car that day. This is because there is air in the hydraulic lines of the brakes (cold brakes)
  • Brakes can fail when you cross a grade. This is due to the flatness of the brake fluid surface will tilt due to the position of the car tilted, so there are conditions where the surface of the brake fluid is lower than the principle entering the hydraulic brake line. And this causes colds.
  • Risk of damage to car components, if there is a brake fluid leak. Brake fluid is also acidic, so if it is exposed to car parts it will imprint.

Low Brake Fluid Sign

As a driver, we certainly cannot check the condition of the brake fluid at any time, so to find out whether there is a problem or not, yes we must be sensitive to feel the signs. Including when the brake fluid runs out of the car, generally will bring up several features such as the following.

Brake warning light is on

The first sign is a brake warning light or brake indicator lights. This indicator light is on the dashboard of your car and will turn on if there are problems with the brake system, including the problem of lack of brake fluid.

This indicator is different from the ABS indicator. if ABS is a circle shape with the words “ABS”. but the brake indicator light is also circular with a bat in the middle, generally this light will glow red or yellow.

Brake deflated / free when in the derivative

Maybe you’ve felt where the brakes felt blogged when you passed a derivative. This can be a sign that brake fluid is running low. The reason is, when the car’s position is tilted, the position of brake fluid is also not water average.

So there is a lower part and there is a higher part. If the lower part is the principle that enters the hydraulic line, the brakes will extend because the one entering the hydraulic system is air. This is what makes the brake pedal go flat when pressed.

The brake is deflated in the morning / when the car is used early

In addition to the derivative roads, a deflated brake pedal will also be felt the first time you step on the brake pedal on that day. When the car is left in a few hours, then the air in the hydraulic channel brake can expand.

So that when the brake pedal is pressed, the pressure will only compress the air in the hydraulic line. And the brake pedal will return hard when you have shaken the brakes several times until the air in the hydraulic channel of the brake in a depressed condition.

Where does this air come in?

it is clear from the principle of entering the brake hydraulic lines in the reservoir because the volume of brake fluid is below average. This air can enter when the brake fluid is shaken (which makes the lower surface of the reservoir often visible).

There are former brake fluid drops on the garage floor

The last sign, you will find brake fluid drops on the floor in your garage if there is a brake fluid leak. The color of the brake fluid is brownish yellow, so if there is a brake fluid leak, it will be very easy to recognize.

If you detect the signs above, the first step is to open the hood then check the brake fluid volume. To check brake fluid, you can see the height of the brake fluid on a transparent reservoir tube or by opening the reservoir lid to see the brake fluid directly.

If you find that the positive brake fluid is lacking, don’t add it immediately. You need to check whether there is a leak or not on the brake hydraulic line. If the hose and connection of the brake system is dry, you can fill the brake fluid into the reservoir to the maximum volume.

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But, for safety you have to bring your car to the garage. Because if you ever feel the brakes deflated, it’s a sign that there is air in the hydraulic brake system and even though the brake fluid is full this air can’t come out without bleeding.

In addition, there is definitely something wrong with brake fluid. Either because there is damage that is not visible or because the brake lining is very thin. Then, what is the next step when the brake fluid is detected to be reduced or even used up?.

  • If the brake fluid is low, check which 4 features above appear on your car.
  • If the reduced brake fluid is due to a thin brake lining, the solution is enough to replace the brake lining and you do not add more brake fluid to the reservoir. Because the piston on the caliper will be pressed, so the brake fluid will be pushed up again.
  • If brake fluid is reduced because there are indications of leaking, immediately repair the problematic components before filling the brake fluid.
  • If previously there are symptoms of brake failure even though only occasionally, you have to do bleeding or urinating.
  • If you have trouble, it’s better to just take the car to the garage for the safety and security of the vehicle. Because mechanics who are already expert know how safe procedures to overcome this problem.

That’s all the short article about What Happens if The Brake Fluid is Low?, Important to Change Regularly. Hopefully it can broaden our horizons.