What the Function of Timing Belt, How it Works and How to Care for it

What the Function of Timing Belt, How it Works and How to Care for it

Function of Timing Belt, Gnewscar – If you are a car owner who often hears the word Timing Belt on your vehicle, do you know how it works?. The following is a complete discussion about the car timing belt. One component in our car that has a very important function and role is like the “Timing Belt”. This timing belt is also often referred to as the timing chain.

The timing belt itself is a component made of rubber like a tire component. Because of its rubber material, along with the time of use, the timing belt will wear out or even break if it is not replaced immediately. Therefore it is mandatory for you to carry out regular checks and maintenance on this timing belt, so as not to cause problems for your driving later. Here is a full review of the timing belt.

What Is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt is a component in the form of a strong and serrated rubber belt that has a function to rotate the camshaft shaft which is connected through the camshaft sprocket and the crankshaft sprocket. Timing features must be replaced as additional information.

This camshaft itself has a role to regulate the opening of the inlet valve and also the exhaust valve in the engine of your vehicle. In addition, the word timing here can be interpreted as the process of opening and closing the valve that must be in accordance with the conditions of the piston stroke itself.

One example is when in the second compression position, the valve must be the same as closing, and this is what is called the right timing, according to the function and role of the timing belt on your vehicle engine.

An interesting fact that you should know from this timing belt device is that before the timing belt is applied to the vehicle, many cars used a timing chain or called a chain.

But as technology develops in the automotive world, the timing chain turns into a timing belt, which is why many people call the timing belt the timing chain. And you also need to know is about the workings of the timing belt. The following is a complete review for you.

What is the Function of Timing Belt?

No less important than the other engine components Timing belts are also one component that has a very important handling in moving some of the other engine components. Just imagine if your vehicle’s timing belt is broken or off, surely your car won’t be able to run as it should, so always check the condition of your vehicle’s timing belt so that it always works well.

The function of the timing belt is to rotate the camshaft whose role is to open and close the valve (valve) in the combustion chamber with the right timing. And in function there are two kinds of valves namely, intake valves that function for the passage of oxygen and fuel (gasoline) into the combustion chamber and another is the exhaust valve that serves to dispose of combustion. Both valves are driven by the rotating Noken and the task of the timing belt is to rotate the Noken.

How the Timing Belt Works on a Car

For how the timing belt works is by connecting between the crankshaft and the noken as, or more precisely this timing belt functions to move the noken as, so that with the turning of the noken, the suction valve and the exhaust valve will also move (work), so that the process will then create a combustion process in your vehicle engine.

That is why the role of the timing belt is quite important in your vehicle as a whole. So it is a must for you to avoid the timing belt from getting damaged, let alone breaking, because this will be very fatal for you. Timing belt sign must be replaced you can make it as additional information.

Why is said URGENT ?

Call it when your vehicle engine is working (in a state of engine life), then automatically the condition of the suction valve and the exhaust valve will protrude into the combustion chamber in turn.

And at the same time the timing belt is broken, then as a result the valve (valve) can collide with the piston (piston), so that the valve can be broken so that the valve can be destroyed.

And when something like this happens to your vehicle, then surely your car cannot be used, aka having to get off the engine. It is classified as a small component, but its function is very important in your vehicle. Therefore you must take care of the timing belt.

How to Take Care of the Timing Belt

Carrying out the timing belt maintenance is not difficult and complicated, you only need to carry out regular checks and maintenance to ensure that the condition is still stable and still suitable for use.

In general, car owners will service their vehicles every 10,000 km, and when they have entered the mileage above 50,000 km, then you need to check the condition of the timing belt on your car, or in other words when going to service five times, then at the same time you also have to check the timing belt.

Try to check visually whether the timing belt is still suitable for use or not. Characteristics of timing belts that are not suitable for use include the following:

  • When held, the timing belt feels like brittle
  • The condition of the timing belt is running low
  • The condition of the timing belt that has been loose or does not fit where it should be
  • The condition of the timing belt is faded
  • There is an abnormal sound coming from your chamshaft or car’s engine

If you feel the timing belt condition on your car is like one of the conditions above, that means you have to replace the timing belt on your car. After reading the above review, now you already know, buddy, that the role of the timing belt is very important for you, and you should do regular maintenance.

Explanation What the Function of Timing Belt, How it Works and How to Care for it above is expected to answer your question about car components which can be said to be often problematic if not treated properly.