When Car Window Film Must Be Replaced

When Car Window Film Must Be Replaced, How Choosing The Best Tint

When Car Window Film Must Be Replaced ?

Car window film like other components that have a usage age limit. Usually, tint window will show signs of damage if it’s time to do a replacement with a new one. By making a replacement, then the comfort and safety when driving will be better than using old window film. There are some indications that can be a marker of damage to the window film, such as window film starting to look dull, the color is no longer matched, there are parts that are peeled or the appearance of air bubbles.

Another sign of damage is, the color has changed to bluish or purple, in addition to that the condition has disturbed the driver’s visibility. If the car owner has found these signs, then it’s time to immediately replace the window film. This is because if left unchecked, damage to the window film can also be dangerous because the driver’s vision becomes disturbed.

Basically, the normal age of window film usage can be said to be quite long, which is between four to five years. With notes, treat car owners with window film must also be correct to maintain its durability.

Do Not Install Car Window Film Too Dark

Install window film on the car should also have to adjust to applicable regulations. So, in addition to increasing comfort while driving during the day also to remain safe to use at night.

It’s just that, today there are still many car owners who ignore the problem of the level of darkness of the window film that is allowed, which should not be more than 70 percent. Not a few quibble, although using a darker window film visibility while driving can stay awake.

Vehicle side window film must be translucent and not less than 70 percent, while for the windshield is not less than 40 percent along the top side whose width is not more than one third of the height of the glass in question.

Installation of window film has positive and negative impacts. The good impact is that it can be used as a UV repellent and can also be a protection for motorists. However, behind the benefits of window film that is not appropriate or the level of darkness beyond the specified limit can also be dangerous. The use of dark window film also speeds up fatigue when driving at night. So, it can make it less comfortable when driving at night. The main reason is because the eye is forced to see harder conditions outside the vehicle.

How to Take Care of Car Window Film

Car window film has an important role, especially in maintaining comfort when driving during the day. Window film used to coat each side of the windshield can reduce heat from direct sunlight.

In addition, the use of window film can also change the appearance of a favorite vehicle to be cooler. Therefore, the condition must also be maintained not to let dirt or even mold make the car look dirtier.

In addition, the dirty window film condition will also make the driver’s level of visibility also reduced. Especially if driving at night with minimal street lighting and in rainy conditions can also be dangerous.

Maintaining the condition to stay durable is actually not difficult, even very easy and can be done alone at home. It is necessary to know to clean car window film does not require special fluids, this is because it can potentially damage the glass if the contents of the liquid are not as recommended. The right way to clean dirty car window film is to use just plain water. Also to keep in mind when cleaning car glass is the use of laps that must be appropriate. He suggested that using a cloth made from microfiber would be safer when used.

In addition to simple maintenance, maintaining the durability of window film can also be done by placing the car in the shade. Like not parking it in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight, this can cause damage.

Car Window Film Can Cause Mobile Phone Signal Lost

The reason is, there are several types of window film that apparently can interfere or even damage the cell phone signal. You cannot receive or make calls, you cannot even use internet facilities such as digital map services and others. Glass film that can damage the signal’s relatively bright or shiny appearance. That is because there is a layer of metal material which types of components can interfere with the signal.
As is known, usually window film consists of three types of basic ingredients, namely nano metal, nano carbon, and nano ceramic. Signal interference on a cellphone can occur if the user chooses nano metal material. Disruption of cellphone or radio network signals on the car does not affect the darkness of a window film, but from the basic material of the window film itself.

How to Choose the Best Car Window Film

One very important part of a four-wheeled vehicle is car window film. Besides aiming to cover the side windows, front and rear of the car, window film also has other uses, namely to withstand heat and sunlight from outside.

Based on these needs, it is very important to ensure the type of car window film feels comfortable to the eye. In addition, there are some things to consider when choosing car window film.

Knowing the Right Level of Darkness 

One of the important things you need to consider when choosing car window film, especially the front, is the level of darkness. In the market actually available various types of auto glass. The level of darkness can be chosen as desired.

Right Level of Darkness

Well, the glass on the front is something that must be considered. The reason, this section greatly affects the view when driving. You are advised to choose the type of glass that has a maximum darkness level of 40 percent.

Choosing Window Film on the Back and Side

In addition to the front, the glass conditions in other parts of the car are more flexible. Especially for the back, the percentage of glass penetrated by light can be less than 40 percent. However, this applies to only one third of the glass.

Meanwhile, for the side of the car, the recommended level of darkness is 80 percent. Using a darker window film has its own advantages. First, the cabin will feel cooler. Second, car owners have privacy and security from outsiders who want to look inside the car.

Doing the Car Window Film Correctly 

Window film can last long enough and do not need to be replaced frequently. However, the condition is that the glass installation is done correctly. The correct way to install is not to leave bubbles on the glass surface. Thus, the exterior appearance of the car will look smooth.

From Inside Must Be See Light 

A good car window film must still look bright when viewed from inside. There are certain types that appear dim, both from inside and outside. This is very dangerous because it causes reduced visibility.

Choose Quality Products 

One of the things to consider when buying car window film is the price. Mostly, the type of window film with a well-known brand does have a fairly expensive price. However, the quality is usually more guaranteed.

Well, if your budget is limited, there are several alternative quality standard car window films. To be guaranteed, take advantage of the warranty when buying. Thus, you get compensation if the quality of goods purchased does not match what was stated previously.

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