Easy Ways to Clean Asphalt Stains on the Car Body

Easy Ways to Clean Asphalt Stains on the Car Body

How to remove and Clean Asphalt Stains on the Car Body ?, –gnewscar.com– Asphalt stains are usually called stains that can be very difficult to remove, even though these stains can destroy the paint coating of the automobile.

However, whatever the energy, without us being able to determine this task, she splashed the physics of the automobile. Due to the rainy season or the probability, we cross the new road. The components that can usually be discovered in the presence of asphalt stains are the elements located under the door. This part can be very sensitive place below and near the wheels.

But it’s clear that on the market, there are simple methods that you can use yourself to get rid of these asphalt stains. The strategy is as if you are wiping a strange dirt, but we add a special ingredient that is tar.

The tar remover is a special liquid that is ready to soften the grime corresponding to asphalt or glue worn on the body of the automobile without damaging the automotive paint. So that we can clean it simply.

How to remove Asphalt Stains on the Car Body

Easy Ways to Clean Asphalt Stains on the Car Body

  • First you buy this cleaning fluid that is widely available in car repair shops. The price is 40 to 80 thousands.
  • Then prepare a fiber cloth or used cloth also does not matter as long as it is soft and can absorb liquid
  • Pour / wet the cloth with tar remover
  • Wipe the wet cloth on the stained body
  • Put a little pressure on the stain if the stain is rather stubborn
  • If the cloth is dry, wet it again until all the asphalt in the body is lifted

And finished, the asphalt stain on your car body is gone.

However, so that the car is sleek, don’t forget to wash your car and wax it so it looks new again.

Is there any other liquid besides the tar remover?

Certain materials such as oil, gasoline or diesel also seem to be able to eliminate these asphalt stains. But if you want to use ingredients other than tar remover, use diesel.

The reason is that diesel fuel is not volatile (compared to gasoline) and the nature of diesel fuel can dissolve stubborn impurities. The trick is also the same: wet the cloth with diesel, then wipe the damp cloth over the body of the car hit by the stain.

In addition to cleaning asphalt stains, this diesel is also very effective at cleaning other stains such as dried bird droppings.

How to remove asphalt stains without buying cleaning liquid

Actually there are some fluids that can be used to clean it from fast to slow

  • Gasoline (you can use gasoline to clean it because by using gasoline you can quickly clean up the asphalt stain, but some say that gasoline can be dangerous because it damages the car paint, some say it is safe but we recommend here if you use gasoline you better use bottom paga only)
  • Kerosene (using this kerosene is not as fierce as gasoline but can still be fast to clean this stubborn stain, you can also use it in other parts)
  • Eucalyptus Oil (well, using eucalyptus oil is very safe because it does not damage the paint of our car, but you have to be patient enough when using it because it needs to be rubbed repeatedly)
  • And there are also those who use special products to clean it like 3M products sold in stores “and this is much safer because it is intended to clean car or motorcycle stains, but you need to spend quite deep because the price is pretty good, usually liquid for cleaning this can be up to 100 thousand compare if buying gasoline or eucalyptus oil can certainly be more

And after getting gasoline, kerosene or eucalyptus oil, you now have to prepare the cotton or you can also use a microfiber cloth.

Before cleaning, first wash your car to see where the asphalt stains are located where the stains are not asphalt, because the stains that do not come from the asphalt will disappear. cause of car shampoo when washing it first

Once the car is washed and dried, you can start, soak a cotton cloth or a soft cloth (microfibre) in the liquid, then rub it gently without using force as your energy will run out; just tap the heart to feel. will stain will peel by itself

Continue the above steps until all the spots are gone, and once you’re done, you have to wash your car again, or just scrub the pieces with a soft cloth, you have to insist on the fact that you should not under any circumstances use car paint cloth

Does solar not damage car paint?

In moderation, it does not matter. But it is recommended, after wiping it with diesel, to clean the car with a damp chamois or to wash everything. After that, you can give wax to the old place.

Well, it’s a way of being able to clean the asphalt spot quite easily, is not it? yes, if you are diligent, you can do it yourself, but if you are lazy, you can do it at the auto show near you, because of many other activities. You can also buy microfiber cloths at nearby stores in your area, or can you buy it at the mini-market too (if at the mini-market, this cloth is usually placed near household equipment such as foam to wash the dishes, etc.), hopefully, useful