Universal Power Steering Fluid Recommendations

10 Universal Power Steering Fluid Recommendations For Your Car

Power steering feature is a development in automotive technology that is applied to today’s cars. Universal Power Steering Fluid, The main function of the Power steering is to make it easier for drivers when driving your vehicle becomes easier because it will be lighter driving at low speeds, even in tight spaces though.

As with other features, power steering also requires regular maintenance to function properly, one of which is to diligently fill or replace the fluid in the power steering itself so that the correct pressure needs to be transmitted to where it is needed. There are lots of power steering liquids to choose from and this time we recommend the 10 brands of olie or the best power steering fluid to use on your vehicle.

Remember to always give the best for your car, because this can save expenses and avoid damage in the near future. Here we are not being promoted from a power steering fluid company but this is for the good of all of us, ok let’s get on with the following 10 power steering fluid recommendations from gnewscar.com

Universal Power Steering Fluid

1. Original Honda Power Steering Fluid


Honda Fluid 08206-9002 Original Power Steering Fluid is specifically designed for Honda power steering systems. It is suitable for all Honda models and eliminates the risk of damage that may result from the use of power steering fluid from other manufacturers. The entire power steering system can be rinsed with only three bottles.

Main characteristics:
Genuine Honda Genuine Part
Power steering fluid
12 oz bottle

Weight12 ounces

2. Original Ford Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluid

MERCON automatic transmission and power steering fluid is recommended for use in Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles. The high quality automatic transmission fluid is a high viscosity index hydrotreated base oil that includes performance additives.

The fluid offers oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity and superb shifts at both high and low temperatures. MERCON also inhibits the formation of foam, mud and rubber, and offers protection against wear. Leak detection is facilitated by the red color of the fluid.

Main characteristics:
Transmission and power steering fluid
Suitable for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln vehicles
Hydrotreated base oil
High viscosity index with performance additives
A red color easily recognizable

Weight1.95 pounds

3. Original Mercedes power steering oil

The original Mercedes power steering fluid is ideal for completing or completely filling the power steering fluid of any Mercedes. It provides quiet, smooth steering while improving the longevity and performance of your Mercedes. The fluid controls, oxidation, wear and foam formation, while contributing to the cleanliness of the power steering system. The power steering fluid requires no modification and is ready to be installed from the bottle.

Main characteristics:
Power steering fluid
Designed specifically for Mercedes vehicles

BrandGenuine Mercedes
Weight1.9 pounds

4. CRP Automotive Hydraulic Fluid Pentosine

CRP Automotive Pentosin Hydraulic Fluid is suitable for use in any weather, even in extreme conditions. The high performance synthetic fluid is specially designed for power steering and other automotive hydraulic systems. It can be used effectively to support level control, dampers, central locking systems and hydropneumatic suspensions.

Main characteristics:
Versatile hydraulic fluid
High performance synthetic fluid

BrandCRP Automotive
Weight2 pounds

5. Prestone power steering fluid with anti-leak system

Prestone Stop Leak power steering fluid is a high quality oil that is enriched with additives that revitalize retracted, dried and hardened joints. The fluid helps the power steering system run smoothly and reduces fluid loss by preventing leakage of seals. The fluid also contains corrosion inhibitors that protect the metal components and anti-wear agents that protect the pump components.

Main characteristics:
Power steering fluid with leaking stop action
Fortified with additives that revitalize seals
Reduces fluid loss
Includes corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear agents

Weight2 pounds

6. Original Nissan Electric Power Steering Fluid


The original Nissan Electric power steering fluid is specifically designed for Nissan cars but can be used with equal efficiency in most vehicles manufactured in the United States and elsewhere. The liquid prevents oxidation, corrosion, and wear while helping to stop shouting and improve the performance of your power steering system. The original Nissan fluid includes stabilizing additives and detergent to reduce wear on valves, bearings and supports. Fluid usage can also help prevent shrinkage and hardening of joints.

Main characteristics:
Nissan original electric power steering oil
Designed for all Nissan models
Suitable for most vehicles manufactured in the United States and non-US
Prevents oxidation, corrosion and wear
Includes stabilizing additives and detergent

Weight1.9 pounds

7. MAX EZ Royal Purple power steering fluid


Royal Purple MAX EZ is an advanced power steering fluid designed to optimize the performance and life of your power steering unit. It features exclusive Synerlec additive technology and can be mixed with conventional power steering fluids without losing efficiency or damaging the vehicle.

Main characteristics:
Advanced power steering fluid
Suitable for most vehicles
Not foaming
High temperature service capacity
Corrosion / rust protection
Synerlec exclusive additive technology
Can be mixed with conventional power steering fluids

BrandRoyal Purple
Weight13.6 ounces

8. Red Line Power Steering Fluid

Red Line Power Steering Fluid provides protection against wear, resistance to thermal decomposition and against foaming and evaporation. The fluid also offers greater heat resistance and helps prevent fainting and overflows of high temperature steering. It is suitable for most vehicles and is compatible with petroleum and synthetic products.

Main characteristics:
Suitable for most vehicles
Viscosity 50% higher at high temperature
One-fifth of high temperature evaporation
Compatible with petroleum and synthetic products

BrandRed Line
Weight1.7 pounds

9. Lucas Oil Power Steering Fluid

Lucas Power Steering Fluid is a universal power steering fluid that contains a soft seal that helps prevent small leaks. It reduces stiffness and friction in your power steering; improve your performance and driving pleasure. The fluid also conditions the O-rings and reduces wear on all the steering parts. In addition, it stops fading and lathering in high performance situations.

Main characteristics:
Universal power steering fluid
Improve flexibility
Reduces wear
Includes conditioners

BrandLucas Oil
Weight2.03 lbs

10. Lubegard Complete Synthetic Fluid Power Steering

Lubegard Complete synthetic power steering fluid is suitable for all vehicles manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. It reduces friction while protecting hoses and joints. It extends the life of your power steering system and protects against extremely low and high temperatures.

Main characteristics:
Complete Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
Protection against extreme temperatures
Reduces friction and provides protection

Weight1.76 ounces

10 Universal Power Steering Fluid Recommendations For Your Car, Published by Gnewscar.com I hope this can be taken into consideration in choosing the best for your vehicle.