Injection System Sensor Damage Symptoms, Check MAF Sensor

Injection System Sensor Damage Symptoms, Check MAF Sensor

Mass Airflow (MAF) sensors, used in electronic injection systems to measure the amount and density of air entering the engine. So that the ECU (Electronic Computer Unit) or engine computer can determine the fuel discharge that is sprayed to get the optimal fuel and air ratio.

Mass Air Flow sensors use an electric current to measure the flow of air entering. The output signal generated by the MAF sensor is sent directly to the ECU. With age, the position of the MAF sensor which is above the air filter box and leads to the throttle body, can get dirty due to contamination by dirt.

As a result, making the sensor’s ability to read the amount of air entering the ECU. Thus, the machine works with a mixture that is too thin, and can cause the check lamp to light. Symptoms, usually the engine will feel like choked, rough idle rotation or engine speed can suddenly change.

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Although the condition of MAF sensor is dirty or not optimal, it does not directly have fatal impact, but if it is not quickly handled, because this can cause your fuel consumption to be very wasteful.

But if left for a long time, your machine can also be damaged. To clean the MAF sensor, it turns out to be easy and can be done alone at home. First, provide a screwdriver and a bottle of Electronic Cleaner.

  • Remove the harness clip, use a screwdriver to open the screw that holds the MAF.
  • Then remove the MAF from the holder by pulling it.
  • But be careful when this step so as not to damage the ring-shaped seal underneath.
  • When released, spray the temperature sensor with an electronic cleaner.
  • After that, spray with an electronic cleaner on the wire in the sensor water, then leave it for about 10 minutes and repeat.
  • Remember, do not wipe or touch this part of the sensor. But just use open air to dry it.

Note: Don’t use a compressor or hair dryer too. Because, these wires are fragile, if damaged the price is expensive

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When it feels clean, leave the MAF for a few minutes until it’s completely dry, and put it back in place and tighten all the bolts. The last step, use the electronic cleaner on the connector or harness clip that was removed. Then let it dry, then put it back.

But if the MAF sensor is too dirty and damaged, there is no other way than to replace the AMF sensor. We recommend that you scan the total engine before being sentenced to replace the MAF sensor, so that the damage can be known with certainty.

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