Car Air Conditioning Compressors Do Not Rotate,

Car Air Conditioning Compressors Do Not Rotate, These 4 Causes

Car Air Conditioning Compressors Do Not– One problem that is quite popular car air conditioners is the problem in the sector of the AC compressor that does not rotate. Even though the AC compressor is tasked to pump the freon to circulate, if the compressor jams automatically the freon does not circulate as a result the AC is not cold.

So what causes the AC compressor not to turn? let’s discuss together. Having a car is not as good as imagined. As the owner , you need to pay attention to the performance of the engine and other components so that the car remains powerful when taken away. However, damage to car components cannot be avoided. Besides the engine, the car’s air conditioner parts also often experience problems. The poor performance of the car air conditioner causes the temperature of the air inside the cabin to feel hot, especially if it is sweltering weather.

Basically, any damage that occurs to the car air conditioner has its own way of handling it. Here is how to deal with car ac dead and not spinning.

Cause The AC Compressor Is Not Rotating

Cause The AC Compressor Is Not Rotating

Cause The AC Compressor Is Not Rotating

One thing you need to know, AC compressors are divided into two units namely the compressor unit as a pressure and the magnetic clutch as the clutch that determines when the compressor is working and when the compressor is idle.

What does it mean ?

Compressor that does not rotate does not have to be caused by the compressor but rather it is caused more by the magnetic clutch not working.

To detect whether the magnetic clutch is broken or the compressor is broken, you can listen to the sound of “tek” when the AC is turned on. This sound appears due to the connection between the pulley and magnetic clutch. If this sound does not appear when the AC is turned on, then there is a possibility of a damaged magnetic clutch.

You can also pay attention to the engine RPM. Usually if the compressor is working, the stationary engine will rise automatically. But if the engine stabilizer remains stable even though the AC is ON, we can be sure that the magnetic clutch has a problem.

These 4 Causes Car Air Conditioning Compressors Do Not Rotate

Things that cause the magnetic clutch does not work, among others;

1. The magnetic clutch fuse breaks

Fuse or fuse actually serves as a safety device from excessive current flow. This fuse will automatically break if the current flowing into the magnetic clutch exceeds the allowed current.

When the fuse has broken, then the electrical circuit to the magnetic clutch is broken so that the magnetic clutch does not work.

Usually when a fuse breaks we only replace the fuse with a new one, but the fuse that breaks indicates a short circuit because only a short circuit can trigger an out-of-normal current flow.

Therefore, before you replace the fuse, try to check whether the magnetic clutch cable chain is peeling or if the socket section is stretched or charred.

What happens if we change the fuse immediately?

Then the fuse will break again because the correction has not been repaired. But if the short circuit is only short-term, for example due to water splashes, then when the water is dry, the short circuit will disappear by itself so that the fuse is replaced immediately, no problem.

However, some people usually replace the fuse with a higher capacity, the reason being that if it is replaced with an equivalent capacity it will break continuously so that it is replaced with a higher one. Is that allowed?

Of course not because it will increase the current limit that can flow, consequently the magnetic clutch will be damaged when a short circuit occurs and can catch fire.

So if there is a short circuit fix it first, and never replace a fuse with a higher capacity.

2. Damage to the AC magnetic clutch

The second because there is damage to the magnetic clutch devie itself. This is an electrical component that is easily damaged, so you don’t need to bother why the magnetic clutch can be damaged.

To determine whether the magnetic cluct is damaged, it must be tested using a multimeter. You do this by checking the input current to the magnetic clutch. If there is a current, then the circuit is OK so the magnetic clutch is damaged.

The only solution to the magnetic clutch damage is to replace it, because this component is so closed that it is difficult to repair.

3. There is a problem with the AC pressure sensor


Freon AC pressure sensor is in the high pressure hose section (hose with smaller diameter). This sensor functions as a marker that indicates when the magnetic clutch is ON and when the magnetic clutch is OFF.

How it works when the AC is turned on then the magnetic clutch will ON but when the freon pressure has reached its maximum, then this sensor will deactivate the magnetic clutch so that the freon pressure does not increase and gradually drops.

When the freon pressure reaches the lower limit, the sensor will reactivate the magnetic clutch so that the freon pressure rises again. This process takes place as long as the car’s AC is turned on.

Damage to the sensor can cause errors in the case of magnetic clutch activation. For example, when the AC is turned on, the magnetic clutch must be ON but the error sensor is freon error, the sensor instead reads the high freon pressure so that whenever the magnetic clutch will not be active.

For this problem it will usually bring up the engine check on your car dashboard. the solution is to replace the sensor.

4. There is a problem with the AC temperature sensor


besides the freon pressure sensor, the AC temperature sensor also affects the activation of the magnetic clutch. This sensor serves as feedback that detects the temperature in the cabin.

So this has to do with AC temperature control, if we set the AC temperature to a temperature that is not too cold (eg 30 degrees) then this temperature sensor will deactivate the magnetic clutch when the cabin temperature has reached 30 degrees. And the temperature sensor will also turn on the magnetic clutch again when the cabin temperature drops from 30 degrees.

Damage to this sensor will cause an error in the cabin temperature error, so the sensor can disable the magnetic clutch continuously even though the temperature inside the cabin is very hot.

Car Air Conditioning Compressors Do Not Rotate The solution is also the same, by changing the sensor.