Substitute Brake Fluid During Emergency Conditions

Fresh Tea, Substitute Brake Fluid During Emergency Conditions

What can be used as a substitute brake fluid?, This thought will arise if you are not able to add or replace brake fluid, is there any other liquid that can be used as a substitute for Brake Fluid?. Brake is an absolute requirement as a driving safety device. The function of brakes in reducing speed or stopping a vehicle is crucial. For that, never ignore the brake treatment on your car or motorcycle.

If you want to travel long distances, always check the condition of the brake system. Make sure the thickness of the brake canvas or brake shoe is still in good condition. If it looks thin, replace it immediately. Next, check for leaks in the master pipe and also the brake cable.

Get used to avoid sudden braking. You can use engine brakes (reduce car / motorcycle transmission) to reduce vehicle speed. For automatic car users, in traffic conditions also make it a habit to move the transmission to a neutral position. This will ease the brake work.

Keep brake fluid to always be at a maximum level and always provide a backup brake fluid in the event of a leak. But there are a few emergency tips where the brake fluid situation is leaking or used up, but you don’t provide backup brake fluid.

As a substitute Brake Fluid. You can use thick tea water to make it as thick as possible. Thick tea can replace the function of brake fluid for a while until you find the nearest workshop. After getting a repair shop, drain the remaining tea water and immediately replace it with new brake fluid. Another alternative could be to use sparkling water or cooking oil because it has a higher boiling point than water.

The thing to remember, tea and brake fluid remain different compounds. Standard brake fluid DOT 03, has a boiling point of 145 degrees Celsius. While the brake fluid only has a boiling point of 60 degrees Celsius. Do not spur car speeds above 50 km / hour. When the machine is hot, it makes the tea boil and evaporate.

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Remember to use brake fluid replacement fluid is not recommended but if an emergency condition for example you are in a remote area far to the garage, you can use brake fluid replacement fluid.