How to Clean a Car Headlamp, Easy 3 Steps to Try

How to Clean a Car Headlamp, Easy 3 Steps to Try

How do you clean plastic headlights?, there are 3 easy steps you can try to Clean a Car Headlamp on your car so that it returns clean. How to clean a car headlamp that is dull on the inside looks very difficult, but not for those of you who know the trick. As you know, car headlights are an important part of a vehicle to support driving comfort and safety, especially if you use them at night or in rainy weather. Dull lamp conditions will certainly make its function not optimal so that the resulting light beam will not be as bright as in general.

This certainly will be very dangerous if you use it can even endanger other road users. Especially in the condition of the headlights or headlamps which are often used when driving.

Either vehicle of course can have dull and not bright lights. One of the causes of the dull headlights of your car is usually caused by changes in the color of mica. The color of the mica on the headlights can turn dull due to the heat generated from the power of the lamp used large enough to make the mica yellowish.

Besides the color changes in mica can also be caused by weather, mold, age of use, scratches and other things that can make the work of your headlights can not be maximized.

If your car’s windshield is in bad condition, it will be better if you clean it immediately. Usually people immediately bring their vehicles to the car care salon for maximum results. But you can also clean your own car headlamp at home if you don’t have time to go to the car salon. To clean it you only need tools and simple materials. Here are some ways you can use to clean your car’s headlamp.

Easy 3 Steps to Try for Clean a Car Headlamp

Using Glass Cleaner

To Clean a Car Headlamp by using liquid glass cleaner, the first thing you have to do is to first look at the condition of the windshield of your car. Note whether the damage condition is inside or outside the glass. If there is moisture inside the windshield, of course you must first remove the cover and dry the water in it. If the damage is on the outside, then you can clean it first by using a glass cleaner.

Polishing using a car polish or a special plastic, usually this compound has a soft scraper making it easier to clean your car’s glass. Make sure you are not about the cleaning liquid on the black plastic that is on the edge of the car’s headlamp because of course it will be very difficult to remove.

You can also use a rotary polishing tool for a faster cleaning process and of course with maximum results. To make the results even more optimal, you can use wax or silicone at the end to make the results last longer.

Using Masking Tape

Another way that you can use to clean your car’s headlamp is to use masking tape. Provide all the needs you use ranging from masking tape, lens paint, sandpaper, and other materials.

If you don’t know how to clean it, you can search for tutorial videos that you can find on the internet. For protection, you can cover the edges around your headlights by using masking tape. Do not use duct tape karema can damage your car’s paint. Then start cleaning your car’s headlights.

To Clean a Car Headlamp of your car, you can first sand your headlights. Of course this process will cause scratches on your windshield, but after that you can remove these scratches. Wet the sandpaper that you use in soapy water. Then you can spray the headlights of the car using a special cleaning spray. Then wipe with a clean cloth or towel.

When the lights are still wet, apply the compound evenly on the front glass lens of your car. Prepare a sponge and sandpaper measuring 600. Then dip it in soapy water sponge and sandpaper. After that, sand the windshield of your car with horizontal and even movements. Do this repeatedly and re-wet the sandpaper with soapy water. Then you can continue sanding by using 1200, 2000, and 2500 sandpaper in sequence so that you can remove the scratches caused by the previous sanding process.

After finishing sanding with 2500-sized sandpaper, then evenly apply the plastic compound and leave it for a few moments and remove using a clean cloth. The last process you can do is to clean the lens using soapy water to clean the remnants of the compound that is still attached to the windshield of the car.

Once it feels clean, you can apply the wax to be protective from the headlights of your car. But this must be done when the car is really clean. Use lens seals with silicone seals. Then use a clean towel and pour the wax on the towel. Allow a few moments until the wax can absorb. Then apply the towel to the windshield of your car in a direction that moves from right to left and from top to bottom of your lens. Do it until the wax can be applied evenly to the windshield of your car. After that you will get a clean and clear headlight when used.

Using Toothpaste

Another way that you can easily do is to use toothpaste. You can use any type of toothpaste and brands, especially those containing whitening, abrasive substances (sillica or soda). Don’t forget to use gloves for your protection.

First wash your car’s headlights thoroughly from dirt, dust and scratches. Don’t forget to use masking tape to protect the components around the glass such as rubber, paint, chrome and others from being exposed to cleaning fluids. Then pour toothpaste on a soft cloth that has been moistened before. Then rub the cloth on the windshield of your car in a circular motion and only slowly. You can increase or decrease the toothpaste you use. Use enough toothpaste.

Do a little emphasis when applying so as to eliminate the scratches on the windshield until your windshield is clean. You can add water when your windshield is clear. At least each lamp needs 3-5 minutes to clean it. When it feels clean, stop rubbing and cleaning with clean water. Then you can wipe it off using a dry cloth. To make maximum results, you can use a protective coating at the end of the cleaning process.

During the cleaning process, of course there are some things you need to pay attention to such as:

When the windshield cleaning process, you should do it in the shade. Do not do it in a place that is directly exposed to sunlight.

If you do the cleaning by sanding, do the first sanding to remove the bad coating on the windshield. Then use a softer sandpaper to remove scratches.

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Do not forget to use protective equipment such as protective glasses, gloves, and others.

  • To facilitate the cleaning process, you can open the hood that has direct access to the top of the lamp.
    Make sure the glass condition is completely free of dirt that sticks before sanding.
  • The cleaning soap that is used must be safe to use for car paint.
  • Rinse soap immediately, not to dry on car glass or paint.
  • Try to keep the condition of the sandpaper always wet when sanding it.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the internal conditions of your car’s glass. If the conditions are humid and there is water, then you should first dry the inside of the headlights.

Now that was some effective ways to clean your car’s headlamp. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.