Color Is Also a Determining Factor in The Selling Price of Used Cars

Color Is Also a Determining Factor in The Selling Price of Used Cars

Color Is Also a Determining Factor in The Selling Price of Used Cars. Color also affects the selling price of used cars. Of the many car colors, which one is the most popular for consumers? Public considerations in buying a car are not enough with their needs, but also the aesthetics of the car. Apart from price, brand, type and engine performance, color is included in the buyer’s list of considerations.

The choice of color is not only a matter of taste, but also of resale price. The reason is, color is one of the determinants of the selling price of used cars, especially in the medium-low segment.

The most popular car colors are black and white. Usually, this color is most often sought after for sedan, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), and Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) types. Whereas for other types, there are other colors that are often sought after by used car enthusiasts.

For more details, see the explanation of used car colors below which might be your reference in buying a car.

Neutral Colors: Black, White, and Silver

As mentioned earlier, black and white colors, including silver / gray, are most often sought after by buyers who love sedans, SUVs and MPVs. This neutral color makes the car look more elegant and manly.

In the market, used cars of the sedan, SUV and MPV types will have relatively high selling prices if they are neutral. In fact, the price difference can reach IDR 5 million to IDR 8 million with other colored cars.

If you are interested in buying a sedan, SUV, and MPV type car, it’s good to pay attention to color choices, because the selling price will follow the color tastes in the market.

Bright colors: yellow, red, green and others

Even though neutral colors increase the selling price of used cars, sedans, SUVs and MPVs, this does not mean that bright colors are not in demand. The difference is, bright colors like yellow, red, green, and so on are favored by city car hunters.

In fact, having a city car with bright colors is more advantageous than a neutral one, as the after-sales price of this compact car will go up.

The increase in prices is due to the fact that many city car lovers want bright colors, but the available stock is limited.

These bright colors will make the car look stylish, and are very suitable for young people to ride. Given that compact cars are often sought after by young people who have busy activities outside the room.

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Identical color to the make or model

Then, a color that is identical to the make or model will also determine the after-sales price of the car. For example, the blue color, which is synonymous with BMW, or the red or soul red color that is typical of Mazda’s character.

The color that shows the character of the car brand or model can boost the after-sales price of up to IDR 5 million.

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Apart from the color, the condition of the car is the main thing

Although the color also affects the selling price, the most important thing is the condition of the car. For that, before buying a used car, you better check the car first. Make sure the car is not in trouble.