The Most Popular Car Colors In The World And How To Care For Them

The Most Popular Car Colors In The World And How To Care For Them

Most Popular Car Colors In The World, gNewscar – The consideration in buying a car is not only from the brand and type, there is also price, engine performance, and color as the aesthetic.

The reason is, color is now a determining factor when you want to buy or own a car. The color of the car chosen can show the personality traits and lifestyle of the owner.

Angela Wright said in the book The Beginner’s Guide to Color Psychology, that someone who buys a car tends to consider the color, and the color chosen can reflect the character of the buyer.

But do you know the color of the most Popular car in the world? Not black is the answer.

The Most Popular Car Colors In The World

In 2019, a paint coating company in the United States, Axalta, claimed to have conducted research on the world’s most popular car color.

From this research, it was found that the most popular car color in the world is white.

That year, 38 percent of cars worldwide were dominated by white, making it the dominant color in car sales in the last 10 years.

The second position of most Popular new car colors is black with 19 percent of sales, followed by gray with 13 percent.

Furthermore, silver (10 percent), blue (7 percent), red (6 percent), brown (3 percent), yellow (2 percent), and other colors (1 percent).

While in Asia, white cars, specifically pearl white, are the most popular car colors. White has 49 percent sales.

White car character

As the most popular car color in the world, white is often an icon of cleanliness and simple personality. The white color is believed to be able to create an impression of sincere honesty.

When a white car is driven by a woman, the impression of honesty and simplicity can be a combination that evokes elegance, discipline, and order.

In addition, a driver using a white car can be said to be a caring person. They are very careful about the cleanliness of the car. When the car is dirty, they consistently clean the car.

So, don’t be surprised if white car owners tend to be careful and consistent in living their lives.

Caring for white cars

Even though it is the most popular car color, it turns out that the white color on the car is also the most vulnerable.

If the owner is not painstakingly caring for a white car, over time the color can turn yellow due to oxidation, sun exposure, dirt such as soap marks, water splashes on the road, sticky dust, and so on.

An easy thing to care for a white car is to be diligent about washing it and drying it properly.

Wash a white car with a special car shampoo with a pH balance close to 7 before 8 am or after 5 pm to avoid direct sunlight.

Sunlight can make the remaining washing water that contains soapy foam dry out quickly, causing a crust on the car paint.

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Car wash steps

Wash the car from top to bottom, then rinse with clean water that does not contain much salt or iron, which can cause rust.

Afterwards, dry the entire car body with a soft, highly absorbent cloth until it is completely dry to prevent mold.

In addition, regularly, use wax to treat white cars. The method is very easy, namely by using a special sponge to spread the wax throughout the car body.

You can also add a nano ceramic coating to the surface of the car body that has been waxed to provide protection for the paint from ultra violet rays, so that the car’s shiny color can last longer.

Actually, the treatment method above does not only apply to white cars. you know. This method can be applied to any color car.

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So, whatever the popular car color, take care of the paint regularly so it doesn’t interfere with the car’s appearance.

Thank for rea The Most Popular Car Colors In The World And How To Care For Them, If you buy a used car, the color of the car will determine the price, the most popular colors will usually be more expensive.