White Cars Look Dull and Yellow, How to Restore Clean Colors

White Cars Look Dull and Yellow, How to Restore Clean Colors

How to Whiten Yellowing Car Paint – White Cars Look Dull and Yellow, Gnewscar – Dust and dirt that sticks to the body of the car if not cleaned immediately, then exposed to sunlight will usually cause oxidation which will damage the clear coat layer on the car body, so the color of the car becomes dull and yellowing.

On a white car body, the oxidized clear coat layer will usually become more visible because it has changed to a yellowish color for a yellowed white car, here are tips on how to whiten it again, which will be reviewed at Dons Indonesia.

White Cars Look Dull and Yellow, How to Restore Clean Colors

There are several ways you can do to restore the original white car that the Cat has yellowed, the way is very easy to see continue below.

Wash the car first

The first thing to do is to wash your car so that dust and dirt disappear. To do this, you can use a special shampoo so that dirt that sticks to the body of the car can be lifted. Do not forget to also choose shampoo that has a pH balance level, which is to minimize the occurrence of scratches and dull colors due to shampoo. See Also : Best Soap For Car Wash

Then also pay attention to the right time while washing your car. Well, to avoid damage to the car paint, it is better to wash the car before 8 am or after 5 pm to avoid direct sunlight.

Sunlight that is exposed directly to the car body paint can make the rest of the washing water containing foam soap dries quickly causing crust on your car paint.

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Use a clay bar to absorb dirt quickly

Clay bar is a flexible material like a box-shaped rubber and serves to lift stains that stick to the car body. However, this clay bar must not fall to the ground, because it is feared that there is sand or gravel attached so that it will cause scratches on the car paint.

How to use it is quite easy. Take out the clay bar and the plastic, then you can cut it into pieces so that the size isn’t too big. After that, the clay shape becomes flat.

Next, you need to use the clay that has been shaped flat on the car body that has been moistened. Rub evenly and better vertically. After being wiped. Clay will change color to black, brown or gray according to the dirt it absorbs.

Polishing and waxing

The next stage is to polish your car using the best car wax to remove the dull colors attached to the car body. However, by using this polishing method there is one drawback, namely polishing the car can make the paint thinner because it is eroded by the polish. So, don’t polish the car too often if you don’t need it to polish it.

You better use wax to treat and provide protection to the paint of your car, the way is very easy, namely by using a special sponge to distribute the wax to the desired part.

Then, rub the wax by rotating, vertically, or horizontally as needed. Usually, in professional car salons, they will use a moving machine to rub wax on the body of the car.

But this is not absolute, you can also do it using soft ingredients. Also use a soft cloth to clean the wax in the final stages.

Easy right? to White Cars Look Dull and Yellow,  If you are still difficult to clean the car body using the tips above. You can use the Dons Car Care car salon which is a provider of car salon services ranging from Interior, Exterior, Full body, and Nano Ceramic Coating that is trusted and experienced that can be obtained at a friendly price.