Car Brake Fluid Should Be Regularly Replaced

Did You Know Car Brake Fluid Should Be Regularly Replaced

Car Brake Fluid Should Be Regularly Replaced,, As with any engine oil, brake oil should also be replaced periodically. The period of the suspension is not as fast as engine oil, manufacturer usually suggests replacement brake oil every 20,000 km.

The damaged brake oil will suffer from clots, and can cause a brake hydraulic system to be taken. Brake oil damage occurs because it has undergone oxidation or has expired. One of the causes of damage to brake oil is water.

Car Brake Fluid Should Be Replaced

Car Brake Fluid Should Be Replaced

Actually from the factory is already anticipated and has been working maximally to prevent oil brake contaminated water. However, there are a number of gaps that make the water can still enter so as to damage the brake oil. For example, when washing the car, water can enter through the respiratory hole that is around the brake oil filling.

In addition, in the reservoir tube of the brake oil there is definitely an air gap, which when hot weather will cause moisture.

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When the condition is cold, the water cannot go out and down settling under the brake oil. In the long run, water can impair the chemical properties of the brake oil. Not to mention water can cause rust, especially on the part of the brake oil pipelines that are made of iron. The grain powder can clog the brake oil channel, and can cause the SIL in the brake master to wear out.

How to Replace car Brake Oil

Brake oil is one of the important parts that serves to assist the braking system, if the car brake oil is reduced or in the wind, then the braking performance becomes worse as the brakes do not eat or brake more so we have to do maintenance on the braking system so that we avoid from such dangers.

To perform the replacement of this brake oil is usually done by each vehicle to reach a distance of 80,000 km and do a light checking when the vehicle has reached a distance of 40,000 km. You can change this brake oil in the official workshop when you do regular or periodic service, or you can also do yourself at home if the workshop is far from your location and you are curious to be able to do As for step and how to replace the brake oil yourself is as it is degradable below.

Preparations for replacing the car brake oil itself

1. Required Equipment
There are some preparations that you should do before performing the car brake oil replacement. The first is the equipment or key locks required include a ring wrenches size 8 or 10 adjusted to the size of the head of the brake oil. Then prepare also a small water hose used by the building workers throughout the 60 to 80 cm, as well as an empty bottle that will be used to accommodate the used brake oil so as not to see where. Also make sure you set up a new brake oil. Please modified according to the picture above.

2. Number of Menpower
For faster and maximal results you need at least 3 people to do brake oil replacement. We call it technicians, Technician 1 is on duty to keep the brake oil fluid present in the reservoir/oil tank to keep it in a max state. Next 2 technicians are tasked with idle in the seat of the driver and wait for the ABA ABA from the third technician to pump the brake pedal. And the latter is the third technician, who is tasked to give orders to the second technician to perform the pumping movement of the brake pedal, while he himself does the work of opening and closing the nipple brake oil.

Process of Replacing the brake oil yourself

Car Brake Fluid Should Be Replaced, We assume that you have boosted the car and uninstalled the whole tyre, if no equipment jack and disassemble, it is forced to serve as a third technician should Delosoran enter the Kekolong to dismantle and shut the Nipel Bolt.

1. First Stage
Once all is ready in the respective position, the third technician screws up the hose to the end of the nipple bolt and open it, do not forget to give the second technician to pump the brake pedal, and then the second technician must perform a smooth pumping movement of the brake pedal. The third technician who Delosoran in the area must pay attention to the color of the brake oil flowing through the hose, if the color has changed from the murky to clean indicates that the old brake oil has changed with the new, if yes please instruct the second technician to STOP pumping the brake pedal and please cover the Nipel Bolt. Repeat this step on the four wheels.

For the positioning of the wheels please start from the farthest the left rear wheels, then the right rear, proceed to the left front wheel and the last one is the right front wheel. And when doing this flushing the car engine must be lit so that the booster can work and help the brake pedal suppression.

2. The second stage
For the second stage this is to ensure that no air is trapped inside the brake oil hose channel (optionally if only replacing, and mandatory if draining), the way is almost similar to the first stage, the third technician gave the ABA ABA to the first technician to pump the brake pedal but the position of the nipple remained closed, in a matter of 15 seconds gave the ABA ABA to the second technician to STOP and hold the valve to the brake, while you open the nipple and close back quickly. Perform these steps on all wheels starting from the farthest position as above.

After the process of replacing the brake oil is complete, do not forget to check the brake pedal height by invuting it, whether there is a loss/Gembos or not. Usually if there is a loss, it is likely that the first technician in charge of filling the brake oil fluid did a mistake late adding the brake oil.

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