Know More About Advantages & Disadvantages Of Powder Coating

Know More About Advantages & Disadvantages Of Powder Coating

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Powder Coating . Powder coating is a method of painting using special powder material for the staining of metal media and other hard materials such as iron and aluminium. Why?, because the material made of aluminium is very difficult to coated mainly by using wet paint.

The application of powder coating on metal is very profitable because it will have a clearer and very flat color result. This is because powder coating paint techniques have a more complex and complicated process stage than the usual paint, so that the quality of the coating produced will be much more perfect.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Powder Coating

Excess Powder Coating:

1. Thicker color

Powder Coating paint technique produces a more stable and thicker color than other techniques. The thickness reaches 350 micron, while the oil paint thickness is generally around 30-40 micron.

2. Hard surface

In addition to the bold color, the surface will be harder, making the metal or metal protection more scratch resistant.

3. Stronger Adhesive Properties

The strong nature of adhesive result in powder powder is more integrated with the metal. The treatment of chemical pre treatment and bake oven process up to 200 degrees Celsius, resulting in a melting process of powdered powder is more integrated with the media.

4. Close the pores perfectly

The process of Powder Coating is evenly and the color is thick, will make the pores of the objects closed perfectly. Unlike oil paints, in a certain period of time there will be small cracks and invisible visible eye, where the cracks can be a way of water, dew or steam to enter the pores that long time can trigger the occurrence of rust.

5. Efficient

The use of powder coating paint technique is considered more efficient and economical compared with other techniques. Color spread can save the use of paint materials directly. In addition to the help of the tool, all the work can be done easily. Materials for the application of powder Coating’pun also cheaper than other paint models.

6. Environmentally friendly

Media that uses powder coating is safe for health and very environmentally friendly. There is no special ingredient for dissolving of paint, which can make the paint peeling and cause environmental waste. Paint material that is still in the form of wet powder does not cause strong smell.

7. Secure

Powder paint material is safe for health, both for respiratory and skin if exposed to direct contamination. However, the use of security devices must still be necessary to reduce unwanted risks.

8. Good quality

The process of powder coating at high temperature and rust removal techniques performed earlier will create good quality and corrosion-resistant results. Objects protected with powder coating paint is able to withstand the heat or rain much better than ordinary paint. Powder Coating paint quality durability can be up to 10 years.

Weakness Powder Coating:

It is difficult to find another color dimension that is more suitable for example for metallic paint.
Can only be applied to iron, aluminium, metal or metal. Can not be used for rubber material and new can be touched after dry paint. The object to be painted should be completely sterile and detached from the seal or rubber as it will be heated to a temperature of 220 C.

Choose painting with powder coating?

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Powder Coating paint Technique


There are 2 painting techniques of powder coating:

Dyeing The objects will be coated into a body that contains a powder coating that has been charged electrostatic.
Spraying The electrostatic Powder coating is spray-charged to the objects to be coated.
After the objects through one of the processes above, the objects that have been coated powder coating is inserted into the oven, the aim is to melt and unify the powder/powder particles so as to form the smooth layers that coat the objects or workpieces.

There are 2 (two) types of powder coating material available to coat the surface of a workpiece:

Thermo Plastic; This powder Material will experience liquefaction if the workpiece gets heat treatment.
Thermosetting It is a strong material and will not melt back even though the workpiece gets heat treatment.
During the process of processing a cross-chemical reaction will occur because it is triggered by the temperature of the oven and because of the chemical reaction that gives many superior properties to the coating or tasters using the painting of powder coating method.

Painting or coating using the painting method of powder coating is often used/applied to objects made of aluminium or iron.

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