Steps to Change the Car Fuel Filter You Need to Know

Steps to Change the Car Fuel Filter You Need to Know

gNewscar.comSteps to Change the Car Fuel Filter, For those of you who have a vehicle such as a car, of course, indirectly you also need to have knowledge related to vehicles, so that you know exactly how the vehicle is and when your vehicle has a problem and needs maintenance. One of the car maintenance that you need to pay attention to is regarding the steps to replace the fuel filter. The following are some reviews regarding this matter, namely:

Replacement of the fuel filter (fuel filter)

The fuel filter is a filter that has a function to filter and clean the fuel from dirt and particles before it is sent to the fuel pump to be able to run the car. A corroded fuel tank can contaminate the fuel inside. With this filter / fuel filter, the fuel that is sent for the combustion process undergoes a filtering process first so that it is free from dirt / rust before use.

When does the car need to replace the fuel filter?

The fuel filter needs to be changed regularly, at least every 50,000-80,000 kilometers, or if your car is showing any of the following symptoms:

  • Fuel consumption is becoming more and more wasteful.
  • The car is running out of power.
  • Your car does not start when it is started.
  • The light on the check engine lights up.

Steps to replace the fuel filter

If you know about a car engine kit, there is nothing wrong with changing the fuel filter yourself. Here are the steps to replace the fuel filter that you can do:

1. Prepare the tools

You need to prepare tools such as a socket wrench, wrench, pliers, an oil filter opener, a new fuel filter and other tools that may be needed.

2. Remove the old fuel filter

You can remove the old strainer by using pliers to remove the clip. Don’t forget to prepare a cloth to avoid fuel spills in the channel.

3. Remove the water sensor that is under the fuel filter

After removing the filter from the car body, then remove the water sensor under the fuel filter, and proceed to remove the fuel filter from the housing. To open the fuel filter, to make it easier you can use the oil filter opener tool.

4. Install a new fuel filter

Install the new fuel filter and then tighten it by hand. After installation, apply the O-ring to the filter and water sensor so that you don’t have trouble tightening it. Replace it on the vehicle body by installing the bolts correctly.

5. Bleed to make sure the new filter is installed perfectly

To check, you will need to bleed the fuel system. Loosen the attached bolt a little and press the pump over the filter housing several times until the fuel that comes out of the bolt hole that has been loosened is not followed by air bubbles. Then re-tighten the bolts and clean around the fuel filter area.

6. Turn on the engine

Check again by starting the car engine. If the installation and bleeding process is done properly, the machine can start up perfectly. Don’t forget to check back on the engine to find out if there is a fuel leak.

If you do not have the ability to replace it yourself, or do not know the exact steps to replace the correct fuel filter, there is nothing wrong with leaving this job to a mechanic at your regular repair shop.

Those are some important Steps to Change the Car Fuel Filter that you need to pay attention to when you intend to replace your car’s fuel filter at home

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