How to Start an Injection Car Engine That Runs Out of Fuel

How to Start an Injection Car Engine That Runs Out of Fuel

How to Start an Injection Car Engine That Runs Out of Fuel, gNewscar – The car runs out of gas and won’t start after refueling, how to prime the fuel injection engine, how to start your car after running out of gas.

If the injection car engine runs out of fuel, this is how to turn it on so that it can return to normal and minimize the damage. Running out of fuel oil (BBM) is one of the things car owners really avoid. Even so, this is something that is common.

The fix is ​​also not difficult, if you are a user of a conventional car or carburetor, the solution is to simply fill in gas and then the engine can start again.

The problem is if you are an injection car user. Because, a car with this system is different from a carburetor. Injection car engines require electric power to produce maximum combustion.

When a car breaks down because it runs out of fuel, the average driver will have difficulty starting the car engine again even though the fuel is fully charged.

Apart from being difficult to turn on again, some components in the injection car engine are also in danger of being disturbed or even damaged.

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* How to start an injection car engine that runs out of fuel ? *

You just need to follow a few steps which will be explained below. How to start an injection car engine that runs out of fuel. Your injection car is running out of fuel and hard to turn back on? Maybe, the tips below can help your car engine start and run again as before.

1. Before the gasoline is completely used up, the car engine will usually choke, if you experience this then pull over immediately.

2. Immediately Fill Petrol

3. Before starting the engine, there are several things that you should pay attention to, including:

  • The fuel injection system uses pressure, so that if the gasoline in the tank runs out, the potential for colds will appear which results in lower fuel pressure.
  • If you start the injection engine immediately when the fuel pressure is low, the engine will be difficult to start, if you continue to force it to start, the car battery is prone to running out.
  • Do not turn the car key to the ON position when gasoline has not been filled

4. After you fill your fuel tank you can do the following:

  • Put the car keys in place
  • From the OFF position, turn your car key to the ON position
  • You will see all the indicator lights light up and will usually be accompanied by a sound of an indicator
  • Hold the car key in the ON position until the sound of the indicator stops, and several other indicator lights turn off.
  • Then turn the car key to the OF position until all the indicators on the dashboard turn off.
  • After that, turn the car key back to the ON position with the conditions as above
  • Repeat this step 6 or 7 times

5. After the ON / OFF process is complete, start the engine immediately

There is a possibility that when you start the engine the injection car will experience long cranking, which is a long start where the engine does not start immediately on the first rotation.

The best step is so that you avoid the busyness described above when traveling, so be diligent in looking at your fuel indicator so that you don’t run out on the road.

Finally, don’t forget to always take care of the injection car engine by regularly performing periodic servicing at authorized workshops. Tips for starting an injection car engine that runs out of fuel above are only a solution when you forget to refuel.

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