11 Tips to Drive Automatic Cars To Fuel Efficient

11 Tips to Drive Automatic Cars To Fuel Efficient, Can Be Tried

Tips to Drive automatic Cars, Gnewscar – Nowadays many people prefer to drive a automatic car because it is considered more practical than a manual car. It’s just that automatic cars are considered more wasteful in fuel use when compared to manual cars.

The above assumptions can be said to be true although not entirely true. Indeed, the components located in the automatic car called Torque Converter will convert torque into power that is eventually channeled to the wheel in order to move.

automatic transmissions in automatic cars will start operating at a time when rpm is higher than manual transmissions, this makes automatic cars need more fuel to make the car move. So it’s no wonder that automatic cars are considered more wasteful than manual cars.

But take it easy, there are actually some tips for gasoline automatic cars that you can use when driving a automatic car. See Also : Learning To Drive An Automatic Car, 5 Important Things To Avoid

11 Tips to Drive automatic Cars To Fuel Efficient

Some of the ways below even sound trivial although if applied appropriately can reduce the use of gasoline on automatic cars.

Don’t Overcapacity of Cars

The first thing you should pay attention to when using a automatic car to make gasoline efficient is to pay attention to the capacity of the car you are using. If the capacity of the car you use is only enough for 4 people, then it is best not to exceed the capacity of the car because this will be a burden that makes the engine consume more fuel or gasoline.

On The Road Climb

When passing the uphill road avoid to step on the brakes excessively. Because this is also one of the causes of gasoline or fuel to be wasteful. Because by stepping on the gas constantly can increase fuel consumption in automatic cars.

Not only is it valid when passing the ramp, but it also applies when you overtake other vehicles while driving.

Step on the Gas Pedal Slowly

As explained in the previous point, if you step on the gas pedal excessively and also inside, it can make the car engine become a much larger or excessive acceleration.

If the power used and needed is greater then the supply of fuel or gasoline used to will be more. So for automatic car users should avoid this kind of driving style because it will make the car more wasteful in the use of fuel.

If you want to increase speed, you should step on the gas pedal slowly, avoid stepping on the gas excessively and deep.

Avoid Aggressive Driving Style

At the time of driving it is good if you control your emotions so as not to drive the car in an aggressive style. Apply eco driving that is capable of wheezing your car’s fuel or gasoline. Moreover, automatic cars can not be used to drive brutally.

Not only can you drive with gasoline, but driving in a relaxed and calm way can also make you avoid the risk of accidents that can endanger the safety of you and other riders. See Also : How to Drive Automatic Car, 7 Steps to Drive Matic Cars

Keep The Engine In Low Rotation

The supposed fuel-saving tip for automatic cars is to keep the engine at low rotation. This method is one of the most effective ways to keep the use of fuel from being wasteful.

Try to keep the engine rotation or rpm to stay at a low position. To get optimal engine rotation in order to produce power and also effective in saving fuel usage is about 2,000 to 3,000 rpm.

Because if the engine rotation is too high will make the fuel intake becomes bigger and the car will be more wasteful in the use of fuel.


The next tip is to avoid using idling for too long. When you are in a neutral position or a silent position, the engine will be on, the engine will still work and require the use of fuel.

Therefore do not use idling too long, because in this position the car engine still needs fuel intake. By reducing the use of idling not too often, then you can reduce the use of fuel for your automatic car.

Maintains Constant Speed

The next thing you can do to whet the use of fuel is to keep the automatic car at constant speed. This is because if you increase the speed suddenly and also quickly, it will be able to make the engine need more fuel. Especially on the latest automatic cars.

Therefore, it is recommended that you drive in a more effective way in terms of speed and set the speed constantly by utilizing the cruise control feature.

Using Brake Engine to Reduce Speed

When stuck in traffic, it’s a good idea to use the brake engine to reduce speed. Adjust the transmission position to position 1, L, S or any other lace position. Because of this position it will be more possible for you to use the engine brake on the engine.

So when you drive slowly on a traffic jam, you only need to use the brake engine to stop. Well, this is one of the ways that can be done to whet the use of fuel especially when stuck in traffic. Because you don’t have to always step on the brakes anymore. See Also : Automatic Car Transmission Rugged After a Long Trip, Check This Section

Pay Attention to Safe Distances and Do Not Brake Suddenly

When driving, it’s a good idea to keep a safe distance from the other vehicles in front. This reduces the risk of sudden braking. So when the car in front stops or decreases speed, you just have to reduce the pull of the gas or release the gas to reduce the speed of your car.

This way of driving, although it looks simple but can also provide several benefits at once. In addition to reducing fuel usage in line with the reduction of brake use, brake pads will also be more efficient and you can also drive in a safer way.

Adjust air conditioning temperature as needed

It is no secret that air conditioning temperature is one of the factors that make fuel run out quickly. Especially if the power used is very large. Whereas ac itself does require considerable power so that makes the use of fuel becomes more wasteful loh.

Therefore it is good if you are wiser in using air conditioning while in the car. You can combine by opening a few windows to get air from the outside instead of continuously using air conditioning that will overload the use of fuel.

Pay Attention to Eco Driving Indicators

There are some automatic cars that use LGCG or Low Cost Green Car systems that are usually equipped with eco driving indicator systems. By using this feature, the car will be able to tell whether the driving style you use at that time can save fuel usage or not.

So with this you can more easily adjust what kind of driving style can save fuel usage.

The last tip of a gasoline car is to perform regular service at a trusted and certified car repair shop. Because by keeping the condition of the car remains in prime condition is also one of the factors that make gasoline more efficient. Especially in automatic cars. See Also : 6 Weaknesses of Automatic Cars on Inclines You Must Understand

So in addition to using the tips that have been summarized above, do not forget to diligently perform regular service to keep the car always in its best performance.