What Can Be Used As a Substitute For Power Steering Fluid

What Can Be Used As a Substitute For Power Steering Fluid?

What Can Be Used As a Substitute For Power Steering Fluid?, Gnewscar – It is common for vehicle owners to change power steering oil with other liquids, this is considered better than the fluid that should be included. Then the big question arises What Can Be Used As a Substitute For Power Steering Fluid?

Answering the question that many car owners are looking for we are trying to share some of the best alternative solutions for olie power stering that are safe to use. Hydraulic power steering performance is maintained at an excellent level, one of the conditions is to perform routine maintenance well.

One form of treatment is to change the power steering oil every 40,000 km. The oil used is of course specifically for power steering, but there is an assumption that automatic transmission oil can also be used for this component.

What Can Be Used As a Substitute For Power Steering Fluid?

In one car there are many types of oil used, there are 5 types of oil in the car that must be known and become a routine to be checked, to find out when to replace with new oil.

Five types of oil include, engine oil, transmission oil, axle oil, brake oil and Power Steering oil. Do not be late for the period of oil change, can result in damage to the car. Including errors in entering the type of oil on the device that is not true also results in the rapid wear out of car components.

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1. Engine oil

Oil that is provided by car engine lubrication are also several types namely Mineral oil, synthetic oil and Semi-synthetic oil, in Mineral type oil is lubricant with the basic material of petroleum, while if the other type of Semi-synthetic oil is with the basic material of mixture based oil (petroleum) and synthetic, if Full synthetic oil comes from Full synthetic material , usually this type of oil will last longer.

Replacing the engine oil is usually measured at mileage i.e. mineral oil can be used maximum up to 7000 km and synthetic oil can use up to 10,000 km, but we recommend replacing the oil that has been set by the manufacturer. In general 5000 km, to make the condition of the machine remain prime.

2. Transmission oil

As lubrication materials or oil-easing is also used in transmission which we know often two types of transmission oil that is manual and Matic transmission, the use of oil is not the same. Manual transmission oil is capable of use up to 10,000 km, in the case of no traffic jams or every six months. Whereas in specialized oil, we recommend replacing every multiples of 20,000 km.

3. Axle Oil

The equation of the axle and car oil is to reduce friction, dampen heat, so as not to wear out quickly, the distinguishing Smentara for the type of oil that is physically used on the axle is the viscosity of the axle oil is more viscous than the engine oil.

Axle oil change is generally done in conjunction with transmission oil. That is, each reaches a distance of 20,000 km, to the value of lubricating lubricant according to the recommendation of vehicle manufacturers.

4. Brake Oil

Brake oil often we know with the name brake oil, this oil is also measured by the unit or grade expressed in the DOT (Department Of Transportation) units. DOT is the value of the boiling point of the brake oil in the heat dampening due to braking, the lower the DOT’s number of dampening capability is also small.

Generally DOT 3 is for daily vehicles, while higher DOT like DOT 5 is used for racing. In the market there are DOT 3, DOT 4, and DOT 5.

5. Power Steering Oil

Power steering oil must be checked regularly. If you encounter significantly reduced oil or you should often add, there may be leaks. If you hear noise when the steering wheel is rotated, the power steering pump may lack oil. The power steering oil is used as a hydraulic pump, thereby relieving vehicle users in the steering wheel.

For emergencies we can use other liquids as substitutes for Power Steering Fluid.

Power Steering Fluid Replaced with Automatic Transmission Oil

European output cars do have to use power steering oil to help the driver to turn the steering wheel lightly. However, for Japanese output cars are usually not a problem if replaced with automatic transmission oil, it has often been done and there are no problems.

Substitute for Natural Power steering fluid

Natural replacement oil, which can be used to replace ‘ATF’ oil if you are being ‘trapped’, that is by using palm oil. But remember, palm oil is not the same as coconut oil. Palm oil produces sufficient pressure on your steering system.

Why does it have to be palm oil? Palm oil and coconut oil are both cooking oil types that are often used to fry food. But between the two there are very basic differences, namely at the freezing point. Palm oil will freeze at a lower temperature than coconut oil.

Sometimes, even coconut oil can freeze at ‘room temperature’. So, you can imagine, if oil could not be pumped in the hydraulic system, because the oil had frozen. In addition, coconut oil oxidizes more quickly and smells rancid.

The thing to remember, once you find a repair shop that provides special oil for your car’s power steering, immediately repair your car’s steering system and replace it with the oil that it should.

The best answer to the question: What Can Be Used As a Substitute For Power Steering Fluid? : You can replace the power fluid stering with another liquid but only if it is forced