4 Steps to Maintain Car Airbags, Functions and How it Works

4 Steps to Maintain Car Airbags, Functions and How it Works

Maintain Car Airbags, One Tips from gnewscar today, Currently driving a car can be done by anyone. Starting from women, men, young to old can operate this four-wheeled vehicle. No wonder the number of car accidents is increasing. The manufacturer then added a safety feature called an Airbag. This feature can help minimize fatal accidents for passengers affected by the collision. So what are the functions of airbags in cars and how do they work and maintain?

Airbag Function In Cars

The airbag is a rescue component in the car. Airbags serve to protect drivers and passengers who are in the front seat to minimize fatal injuries during an accident. Many manufacturers have added this feature to the front of the cabin to protect the driver and passengers from collisions.

How Airbags Work In Cars

In practice, when a collision is detected, the car sensor will give a signal so that the airbags on the veranda expand and protect vital organs such as the head, neck and chest more safely from harsh impacts. In addition, some cars are currently supported by airbags on all sides of the cabin to protect all passengers in the car. Besides protecting passengers, airbags are also able to minimize damage to the cabin.

All components of the car will experience age and safety features will suffer a decline in performance. In order for the airbag to function optimally, maintenance is needed. Especially seeing the role of airbags is very important if the vehicle has a problem. Here are tips and how to care for airbags which are adapted from various sources.

How to Maintain Car Airbags

In addition to the function of airbags in cars, airbag maintenance does not actually come into contact with the airbags themselves. Apart from that, there are several things that must be done so that the airbags continue to work optimally. These are the steps to carefully care for airbags:

1. Monitor Indicators

Maintain airbags for the first time by monitoring the indicators in the instrument cluster on the speedometer. When the car is started in the on mode, the indicator light will turn on several times and then turn off. If the car is started and the airbag indicator light does not turn on, it means there is something wrong with the airbag system. If it doesn’t turn on, there is a possibility that it might happen to the car’s electrical system, and just in case, it’s better to immediately take it to the nearest authorized repair shop for checking.

2. Sufficient Car Battery

Airbags that are scattered in almost all cars move through electric power, so a sufficient battery can trigger this protective device to work. See Also : Function and How Works Fuel Injector Cleaner On The Engine

3. Minimum speed of 30 km per hour

Several electrical signals are usually collected at one point where the rider experiences a collision. The airbag will function when the driver is driving at a minimum of 30 km per hour.

4. Do not mess with the electrical system

The last way to care for airbags is by not tampering with the electrical system. Often found owners replace or modify the audio system in the car. If this is not done by a proper technician, the audio installation process can interfere with the airbag wiring resulting in a paralyzed airbag. See Also : Causes Of Car Electricity System Off And How To Overcome

Maintain Car Airbags, Functions and How it Works – The airbag system does look trivial and may be the most useless component as long as there is no impact, but behind that this one feature is very crucial for a car.