Best Car Wheel Brands

6 Choices of The Best Car Wheel Brands To Make Your Vehicle Look More Luxurious and Attractive

The following recommendations from gnewscar are 6 Choices of The Best Car Wheel Brands To Make Your Vehicle Look More Luxurious. There are many ways you can do to change the exterior appearance of a car to be cooler, one of the ways that is often done is by modifying the legs, aka the wheels.

Yes, replacing the factory default wheels with aftermarket products is considered a “shortcut” to changing the appearance of a car in an instant. However, buying car wheels is not an easy matter. Because, there are several things to consider, from paying attention to PCD and offsets, to determining the best car wheel brand that suits your needs.

6 Choices of The Best Car Wheel Brands


This alloy wheel product from Miami, United States, uses aluminum. And that aluminum material is the same material used in airplanes. This car wheel brand also has many series, namely CV, S17, HF, M, VWS, VFS, and many other series.

The sizes available on Vossen wheels generally range in size from 19 inch to 24 inch. The budget that must be prepared to use Vossen wheels in your car is around 6 million for the cheapest. The price variations of these wheels are of course different from each series.

Karimun Wagon, Innova, Avanza, and Swift are examples of cars that are suitable for this wheel. For more details, Vossen is suitable for use in MVP type cars and sports cars.


This car wheel brand is one that is quite in demand in Indonesia. HRE is an American production wheel. These wheels only have one distributor in Indonesia, namely the Empress Tire. For the type of wheel, HRE provides the Flowform Wheel and Forged Wheel types.


For wheel construction, HRE provides monoblock, as well as 3 and 4 piece. The most famous series of wheels from this brand is the S2H series. Many consider the S2H to be the lightest weight wheel for HRE products.

Work Equip

Again, this one wheel brand is American production wheel. With 3 and 4 piece types, the Work Equip provides wheel sizes from 14 to 15 inches, or at least these specifications are the most widely circulated in Indonesia. For those of you who like retro style, Work Equip wheels can be the right choice for you.


For examples of cars that are suitable for using wheels, this one is small, and there are many more. If you want to use Work Equip wheels, at least you have to prepare a budget that is somewhat large.


For you lovers of Formula One racing, you may know this one wheel brand. One of the starting points for the rise of these wheels was when Michael Schumacher used the BBS in his racing car in 1995. The brand itself sounds sporty, but actually the name of this wheel is an abbreviation of the name of the inventor of this wheel, namely Baumgartner Brand Schiltach.


These wheels are wheels that were first produced in France and are now distributed throughout the world, including Indonesia. For the version of this wheel there are many variations, namely BBS LM, BBS F1, and BBSCHR.

The size itself also varies, ranging from 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, to 19 inch. Actually there are other sizes, but the aforementioned size is the size most commonly found in Indonesia.

Volk Rays

This one wheel is the favorite wheel for people who like to modify their cars. Volk Rays was first produced in Japan in 1996. These wheels are one of the best wheel brands. And uniquely, these wheels were originally intended for road cars.

Volk Rays

The six-spoke Volk Racing TE37 is a series of wheels first created by Volk Rays. Where the numbers from the series are adapted from the original weight of the wheels themselves, which is 3.7 kilograms. In the past, these wheels were used as custom wheels by modifiers with the aim of their cars having a racing look feel. To get these wheels, you need to prepare a budget of 6 million.

For those of you who use the car regularly or daily, you definitely want your car to have a comfortable performance. Likewise with the appearance of the car. One effort that can be made to achieve this is to choose the right car wheel brand for your car. The car wheel recommendations above might be the brands you are considering.

Auto Speed car wheels

Auto Speed car wheels are more enjoyed by sedan or hatchback car owners. It has a solid-looking crossbar design, which will make your sedan or hatchback look more elegant.

Auto Speed car wheels

It doesn’t stop there, made from the best quality materials, the Auto Speed car wheels have a neat finish. Even so, Auto Speed car wheels are also suitable for MPV and SUV type cars.

The 6 choices for the best car wheel brands that we mentioned above can be a recommendation for you to modify your car, but remember that whatever brand of car wheels you all need maintenance, you can visit the following article which contains tips on wheel care: Easy Ways to Take Care of Car Rims to Keep it Sleek