How To Change Your Own Car Air Filter At Home

Not Difficult Here’s How To Change Your Own Car Air Filter At Home

How To Change Your Own Car Air Filter At Home ?, gNewscar – Any plans to replace the car air filter yourself at home? you can listen to the following tutorial. The air filter has a big enough role in supporting car performance. These parts or components are useful for filtering dirty air so that it does not enter the injection system.

If the car’s air filter is dirty, it can affect engine performance and fuel consumption.

The air filter is also useful for filtering impurities that enter the combustion section so that the combustion process becomes more complete.

Basically, the car requires a large supply of oxygen to complete the combustion process. If the air filter is dirty, the space to filter the incoming dirt is narrower. The amount of oxygen that can enter the automatic combustion components also becomes smaller.

If the air filter is too dirty, dust or dirt that gets into it can obstruct the air supply to the combustion chamber. As a result, fuel consumption is even more wasteful than normal conditions because the driver will diligently step on the gas pedal deeply to accelerate.

** Car exhaust has the potential to ‘shoot’

Not only that, if the car’s air filter is disturbed, the car’s exhaust will have a chance to fire. In fact, the machine can also be broken.

For that, always take care of your car’s air filter so that it doesn’t interfere with other components, such as injectors, air intake, pistons, and others.

Although it can be cleaned during periodic maintenance and routine servicing, in fact car air filters have an age limit and must be replaced.

Car air filters are recommended to be cleaned every 10,000 kilometers and must be replaced every 40,000 kilometers.

However, there are also some cars that require changing the air filter sooner than this due to external or environmental factors.

Actually, how to change a car air filter is not difficult and can be done yourself. How to? Here are the steps.

How to Change Your Own Car Air Filter at Home

To replace an air filter is actually not difficult, it only takes a few steps, but if you haven’t, sometimes people don’t dare to take the risk and prefer to take it to a repair shop. But for those of you who may already be sure to replace your own car’s air filter at home, please follow the following tutorial:

1. If you want to change the air filter, the car should be perfectly parked and the engine turned off

2. The box where the air filter is in general can be seen immediately when the hood is opened so you don’t have to feel to open the box

3. Prepare a screwdriver to untie your car’s air filter, some cars simply lift the lock without the need for tools.

4. After the filter box is open lift the filter from its place and inspect it carefully

5. Usually the air filter is made with bright colors, but when the car’s air filter has not been replaced for a long time, it will turn black because there is a lot of dust and oil on it.

6. If the filter is still in good condition, you don’t need to replace it, just clean it using a compressor, don’t scrub with a brush because it can damage the pores.

7. Meanwhile, to replace the car air filter, all you have to do is remove the old filter and install it with a new one, then close the filter box as before.

After reading the tutorial ……. above you will definitely say that it is not difficult to do it and you can definitely do it yourself at home without having to spend money.

Not only caring for the car to keep it clean and prime, you should also not forget how to replace some of its spare parts, including How To Change Your Own Car Air Filter .