Not Only Seen These Benefits of Waxing Your Car

Not Only Seen These Benefits of Waxing Your Car

What are the Benefits of Waxing Your Car that you need to know about? Just like coating, wax is also included in the coating category. Wax itself is silicon-based which is usually in the form of generic kits, some contain carnauba elements, some wear off quickly, but some also have long enough resistance. The quality of the wax itself depends on the price. Usually the price of wax also depends on the class, whether the grade is medium grade or high end grade. Of course for high end grade the price is more expensive.

Caring for the car has become the obligation of car owners. Not only maintenance on the interior, but also on the exterior of the car. All these treatments will maintain the performance of the car to remain excellent, even when it will be resold, the price of the car that is maintained will certainly be higher. Besides checking the engine there are many other treatments that can be applied to the car.

One of them is the process of giving a candle or known as waxing. This process is different from polishing, because when polishing, no wax is applied, although both are able to restore the sparkle of car paint. This waxing process has been widely used by car owners to protect and maintain the quality of their car paint.

What are the Benefits of Wax for Cars?

Wax doesn’t just benefit black cars. Cars with other colors can also be applied wax and the perceived benefits will not be much different from black cars.

Protect the Car from Scratches

The addition of a layer of wax that is given over the outside of the car is intended to provide an extra protective layer. In addition, this wax coating also adds “softness” to the exterior of the car. Because the surface of the car becomes smoother and softer, the friction between the surface of the car with dirt or dust can be minimized.

As we know, dirt that comes from outside the car, be it dust, fine sand and so on, is very capable of scratching car paint. By applying this wax layer, the surface becomes more slippery so that the dirt does not easily stick to the top of the car body.

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Protect Car Paint

At the beginning of the application of a wax coating on the body of the car, the surface of the car must be cleaned first. This makes the surface of the car cleaner. After the surface of the car is coated with wax, the dirt will not stick to the body of the car. So, when you wash your car, you don’t need to worry if the dirt on your car body can scratch or peel the paint of your car.

There are various kinds of dirt that can threaten your car’s paint. The dirt can be in the form of salt, insects, tar, bird droppings, rust or acid rain. By coating the surface of the car with wax or wax, the dirt will no longer be a scourge that haunts your car paint.

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Reducing Repair Costs

Of course this is the most logical thing. As we know, repairing scratched paint is one of the unexpected costs for car owners, the amount of which can be very burdensome. This is because the price of paint and the process that is quite draining the bag.

By giving a layer of wax, the possibility of scratched paint becomes smaller. Therefore, the cost of repairs related to the car body can be quite reduced and certainly makes you more economical.

No Need to Wash Your Car Too Often

Car washing is one of the activities that takes a lot of energy and time. Although you can bring the car to the washing place, but in the rainy season, the intensity of washing the car can be further increased, and certainly can be one of the waste gaps.

However, if you wash yourself, not many have the time and energy for it. Even if it is not washed immediately, the dirt on the car can be destructive. The washing process also must be completely in accordance with the procedure, because the water or soap attached can also cause the surface of the car to become dull.

With the wax coating, the dirt becomes harder to stick to, which means you also don’t need to wash your car too often.

UV Rays Protection for Cars

Ultraviolet light produced by the sun can be an enemy of cars, especially in the paint. You certainly don’t want your car paint to wear off easily due to UV exposure, right? To avoid this, you can use a wax coating for the surface of your car. This layer can ward off most of the UV rays that hit the car.

Easy to Apply

The process of applying this wax coating can be done periodically, at least two to four times a year. The process is also quite fast because the technology used is quite modern. This treatment has also been increasingly in demand because many have felt the benefits.

Routine car maintenance can have a good effect on the car, especially if you sell the car later. Car storage methods must also be considered so that the car can be more durable. One way is to use a car cover and not too long to leave the car in an open space.

Types of Car Wax

As mentioned earlier, wax is divided into several classes to determine price and quality. There are several standard quality wax products and some are in the medium category. You just choose according to your own needs and budget.

For high-end wax or the highest quality usually use polymer materials. There are ordinary polymers but some are using nano polymers. The polymer material itself contains chemical compounds with longer durability because it is able to close and fill the pores of the paint perfectly.

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The application of wax itself must use a low speed rotary polishing machine or it could be a dual action polishing machine (orbitals). What must be known, wax just coating the surface of the paint alone, even so its existence is not easily erased by water, even though high pressure water. That was the Benefits of Waxing Your Car you need to know and the types of wax that you can choose.