Car Paint Scratched, Just Need 5 Steps To Repair

Car Paint Scratched, Just Need 5 Steps To Repair Quickly

Car Paint Scratched, – Scratches on the car body may arise due to impact or may be due to the long lifetime of the car. The emergence of scratches on the car certainly makes the appearance less savory.

Scratches on the body if they are still mild can be disguised or eliminated. You do not have to hurry to the workshop if you can still work yourself at home.

There are many ways to remove the beret in the car, such as using compound, wax, scratch remover, sandpaper, detergent soap, mosquito repellent lotion, and so on. So, how to remove the Strokes?

5 Steps To Repair Car Paint Scratched

Check car Scratch conditions

Often we encounter in car scratches is actually not damage to the paint, is just a line of bumps or just dust that sticks and hardens. If only dirt, just wipe it with Kanebo wet.

If scratches still appear but not in, then the strokes will be easier to eliminate. How to figure out how badly scratches in a car is by looking at its depth. When it appears to be a typical silver or metal color, then scratches are included and may be harder to repair at home.

Removing scratches on the car with a compound

Scratches that are still in the mild stage can be lost by polishing the part with a compound. Chemicals in the form of creams are widely available in accessories stores or automotive tools.

The compound works or scrapes the paint around the strokes, until the strokes are lost covered by the paint around it. A compound commonly used to remove mild scratches is a white compound with strong clunsimistic power.

First step, clean the surface of the scratched car by using water to remove dirt dust that may still stick. Then, wipe the surface of the car until it dries using a micro-fiber cloth.

Polishing the part with a polished compound. You must polish the compound relatively quickly so as not to dry out. When drying, the former compound sticking harder to clean and sometimes become spotting. When polishing, do not be too pressed so that the paint parts are not much terfisted and so Belang.

After the polishing process is complete, rinse back the scars with clean water then dry. After that, you can coat the piece with a wax so it’s back shiny.

Fade scratches on a car wearing Scratch Remover

If the strokes are not severe, you can also try covering them with scratch remover. This magical liquid is usually widely available in car accessories stores. This scratch remover application may take up to five times polishing to remove scratches properly.

The way to use is also easy, you simply apply a fluid scratch remover using the fingers on the body of the car that is scratched evenly. After that, rub the section using a micro-fiber cloth. Press slowly to make this fluid scratch remover can work optimally.

Removes car scratches with mosquito repellent

The less prevalent way that some car owners still trust to remove scratches is by polishing mosquito repellent lotion. The use of mosquito repellent is only to be in an emergency if it does not find a compound, because its zits properties are quite harsh against the paint.

Apply the mosquito repellent to the blister and leave it for 10-20 seconds. After that, use the water to moisten the blister area and dry it immediately.

This mosquito lotion removes clear coating or clear coat above the car paint layer. Lotion is actually not recommended because on some cars can even damage the paint quality and the result is blurred because it fades.

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Fixing Mild Scratches

Often while driving, you find a lightweight scratched car due to a friction that is about the body. No need to take it to the workshop, you can do your own improvement at home.

To fix the light scratched car paint, just use the touch-up paint that has exactly the same color as the paint color of your car.

Touch-up paint is the easiest and best-used way to overcome scratches on car paints. Besides being able to help improve the color, touch-up paint is also very easy to use.

Shake the touch-up paint for approximately 1 minute, then make sure the paint solution in the bottle is blended well. Then, use a small brush and grab the liquid paint sufficiently. Apply a thin one only to the scratched part so that the paint looks natural.