7 Ways To Maintain Power Steering To Avoid Damage

7 Ways To Maintain Power Steering To Avoid Damage

How to: Maintain power steering must be learned by all car owners, it is intended that the vehicle is not easy to experience problems that can save expenses for repairs. Power steering is a component in the car’s steering system which functions to ease the burden when using the steering wheel. With the power steering too, then the car can be easily controlled. This is because the performance of the steering wheel of the vehicle will be helped by power steering. So that the load on the steering wheel is much lighter too.

Similar to the components in other cars, of course power steering requires maintenance so that its performance can remain optimal. Actually, how to treat power steering in a simple way can be started from the habits of driving a vehicle well.

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7 Ways To Maintain Power Steering

Failure to drive can cause power steering damage to shorten the usage life. For this reason, it is important to treat power steering properly and correctly. So here’s how to treat power steering easily.

Avoid Driving on Damaged Streets

How to treat power steering easily is to avoid damaged roads or potholes. If your car is equipped with a power steering system, it’s best to avoid roads like this. But if there really isn’t any other road that can be traveled, then as much as possible you pass it carefully and slowly.

Damage that often occurs in power steering is usually due to how to drive a car that is not regular. Hard shocks on the power steering can make the components inside become damaged. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the road your vehicle will travel on. Avoid reckless driving and damaged roads. In addition to reducing the risk of accidents, of course, your power steering will be durable in use.

Avoid the Flood Road

In addition to damaged roads, avoid passing through flooded roads. Streets like this easily make power steering be damaged. Not only that, this habit can also damage other components, especially if the flood you pass is too high.

This is because the power steering is an electrical component that is placed right on the axle parallel to the axle. So that when passing through a flood puddle, of course, this component will be very easily exposed to standing water. If this electrical component is wet, it will certainly cause damage and inevitably you have to replace it with a new one.

Don’t exceed 10,000 km

What is meant by a distance of 10,000 km here is the distance your vehicle has traveled. The use of vehicles that exceeds that distance will certainly greatly affect the condition of your power steering, coupled with the wrong way of driving certainly makes the condition of the power steering can be damaged.

Fair use of vehicles is at a distance of 10,000 km. When reaching a distance of 10,000 km, you should replace your power steering with a new one. If you do not regulate how to drive, then it may be less than 10,000 km you have to replace it with a new one.

Avoid Turning Tire Conditions When Parking

This may often occur and be ignored by the vehicle owner. Many people park their vehicles with the condition of the car tires are not straight and leave it for a long time. Even though this kind of habit, if carried out continuously will make the power steering and ball joint unusable for a long period of time and be easily damaged. So it is better if you always pay attention to the condition of the vehicle when it is parked. Try to leave the vehicle in a condition that does not turn.

Play Steering in Medium Speed

When you are turning the steering wheel of the car, it is better if done in slow or medium speed. Avoid turning the wheel very quickly. At the time of turning, you can reduce speed before the vehicle will turn. The hydraulic system that is used slowly when driving will certainly have an impact on the power steering components that are more durable and long lasting.

Avoid turning the full steering for a long time

Another way to care for your power steering is to avoid the habit of turning the steering wheel to the full for long periods of time. While you are waiting for a quiet street, you can turn the steering wheel a little in the opposite direction.

Turning to full and in a long time can make the maximum pressure on the power steering. This also causes the engine performance to be heavy and the use of fuel to be wasteful.

Remember the Age of Power Steering

Because power steering is an electronic device, of course this component has a usage period. The usage age of this component is around 5 years. So if it has reached 5 years, the power steering must be replaced immediately without having to wait for damage first

Power steering care can also be done by checking routine at the nearest car repair shops. Caring for power steering well can certainly extend the life of use and make you not have to pay much to repair the damage. Now that’s a few ways to treat power steering easily. Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.