Car Without Gear, 12 Important Rules To Remember

Car Without Gear, 12 Important Rules To Remember

Car Without Gear Tips from, Matic or no tooth transmission cars offer ease while driving. It’s simple to operate, just need to step on the accelerator pedal and brake. But in fact, there are still a lot of mischief when driving a Car Without Gear. Not a few mistakes led to disaster. In addition, these behaviors can reduce the lifespan of car parts.

Driving requires a skilled and skilled attitude to avoid mistakes that can be fatal in driving a car. Especially when driving a car that basically has a level of ease and comfort drive.

One of the hardest and challenging terrain to drive, which is when the road conditions are uphill. Especially in traffic conditions that are stuck, including when using Matic cars. Sometimes, many people do not know how to drive a car on a uphill road. A cup of whatever your car is, be it a Honda brand car, a Toyota car, even to a Lamborghini car, if you don’t really understand it, the car will reverse and harm the other vehicles behind it.

Here’s how to drive Matic car in the traffic jam that you should take note of. Hopefully these tips can be useful for you especially for beginners.

12 Important Rules To Remember If You have Car Without Gear

1. The lever position in P (parking) is the recommended position when powering the machine. Some cars can not turn on if the lever position is not in position P. It is to avoid the risk of car jumping when the machine is turned on.

2. Injak also the brake pedal to avoid the car jumping because the lever is not in P. This procedure has been raw for Toyota’s Matic transmission car and the car cannot be switched on if the brakes are not trampled.

When the old stop

3. Car Without Gear, When stopping for a long time and the engine is on, like when waiting for green light, position the transmission lever at N (neutral) and pull the parking brake lever as a safety.

4. Do not put the lever in D (drive/road) and step on the brake pedal when stopped in a long time. Like when stopping at a traffic light. Because the brakes can be fast heat and there is a possibility that cars move forward just as the feet release the brakes.

Position the transmission lever

5. While parking, position the lever in P and pull the parking brake. Except when parallel parking, do not forget to enable Shift Lock to remove the transmission lever lock so that it can transfer to the N position.

6. When stopping on the road uphill because it hangs, do not press the accelerator pedal to hold the car as it will make the tansmission hot. Just do step number 3.

7. Naturally, the car will move forward or backward when the lever is moved to D or R, so always valve the brake pedal when moving the transmission lever for smooth shifting and reducing the potential of the jumping car.

8. Try not to rely on D’s position when facing derivatives, let alone steep or long. Although not as effective as manual transmission, the driver can make use of the engine brake effect by moving the gear lever 3, 2 or L as needed.

Need Power and interruption

9. Lower tooth position can also be used when requiring power and fast tempo, such as when overtaking or on Uphill road, as needed on the road.

10. Treat the car subtly, such as a slight lifting of the accelerator when the tooth is automatically moved or not stepping on the accelerator pedal when the lever is shifted to keep the automatic transmission condition so that it is not easily damaged quickly.

11. Although memorized, occasionally check the position of the transmission lever so as not to misposition it and make sure its position is exactly like when moving to the R gear.

12. Since the brakes become important devices to be Matic and become mainstay in various situations, then take the car brakes regularly by conducting periodic service at the official workshop.

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