How to service your own car air conditioner?

How to service your own car air conditioner? – Components to Check

How to service your own car air conditioner?, A few tips from gNewscar so you can save on car maintenance costs. We can pay attention to the early warning system on car air conditioners without having to come to a car air conditioning specialist workshop. Apart from saving time, we can also anticipate new expenses from the monthly money list. So what parts should we check when the car AC suddenly doesn’t work?.

Do a Thorough Inspection of the problematic car ac components

For those who do not have time but have money, they will definitely take it directly to the garage for car air conditioning service. Now for those of you who happen to be in a thin financial condition, you may try to service your own car AC. It’s not an easy thing, but if we want to learn it, we can.

One important thing before doing car AC service yourself is to identify and understand the problems that arise. After that, check one by one the AC components that are directly related to the problem that arises. The last step is fixing the problematic components.

Even if there is no problem with your car’s air conditioner, still do a thorough inspection. Every component is checked and checked. This is to anticipate problems that may arise in the future.

Car maintenance of your own air conditioner can be an option for those of you who like ngoprek. Although there are workshops that fix the price of cheap car air conditioner services, but by doing it yourself you can reduce the cost of car air conditioner service that is routinely issued at least once a year.

Before you start checking, it’s a good idea to prepare the tools that will be needed first. Starting from plus and minus screwdrivers, complete wrenches, multitesters, digital thermometers and what should not be left behind are manifold gauges or often called Charging Manifolds. This tool is very crucial in checking the cooling system in your car.

The manifold gauge can detect the presence of freon in the car while ensuring that the incoming freon is as needed. In addition, it is also possible to find out the pressure in the car AC line in normal conditions or not. This can be an early detection of damage to your car’s cooling system.

How to service your own car air conditioner?

1. Check the Condition of the Car AC Compressor

Check the Condition of the Car AC Compressor

Check the physical condition of the car AC compressor wall, whether it is dirty with oil or not. There are two possibilities if oil gets dirty conditions. Namely leakage on the compressor or from other parts of the engine. As for checking the work of the ac compressor in the refrigerant pump, we can see it using a car air conditioner manometer gauge.

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2. Check Magnetic Clutch or Magnetic Coupling

Compressor components consist of magnetic clutch & magnetic clutch. The magnetic clutch on the car AC compressor functions to connect the engine speed through the compressor pulley. The inspection for the magnetic clutch can be seen physically without having to open the compressor engine block. Pay attention to the centerpiece movement which is attracted by the magnet when the AC is on.

Is it slipped or not?

Also pay attention to the sound when this part is connected, Does it sound loud or weak?

If when connected there is a loud friction sound between the irons, this indicates that the surface of the armatur assembly and the pulley surface is worn. Or there is a distance or gap that is too far. And as a result of the distance that is too far will result in sometimes connected and sometimes not, especially if the temperature of the compressor is already hot, generally if the magnet has been exposed to thermal power its magnetic ability will decrease.

3. How to check the AC Conductor

Check the fin on the condenser for oil wetness which indicates a leak in the condenser. Also check for bent fins or dirt which reduces cooling of the condenser.

4. Check Flexible Hoses and Pipes

Check the AC pipe, both flexible pipes and aluminum pipes that have the possibility of leaking or possible friction with other components that cause unexpected leaks. An indication of a leaky pipe is that there is a part of the pipe that is wet with oil at the connection.

5. How to Check Receiver Drier

This Receiver Drier functions like a filter that filters dirt from escaping to the expansion valve. Car air conditioner with receiver drier type apart from the condenser is equipped with sight glass and pressure switch. Check the In and Out section because in this section oil or Freon leaks often occur because the hardened seal makes the connection not strong.

6. How to Check the Expansion Valve

The expansion valve that we can physically check from the outside is a box-shaped expansion valve. However, in some cases of other car brands, this expansion valve is outside the evaporator. For Toyota car brands in general, the expansion valve is located on the outside which can be easily dismantled. If there is a trace of AC oil in this expansion valve, this indicates a leak in the pipe joint seal.

7. How to Check the Evaporator

The benchmark for a dirty evaporator lies when the AC is turned on at maximum power but the wind gusts released by this evaporator are very small. There is nothing wrong with cleaning the evaporator from slipped dirt.

8. How to Check Blower

A noisy blower indicates the presence of dirt entering it. Checking is enough to listen to the sound of the blower. In addition to the dirt that enters, the condition of a worn blower will also cause noise in our car air conditioner.

9. Checking the Condenser Fan

The fan in the condenser is used to remove the heat in the condenser. If the condenser fan speed decreases, it is certain that there is overheating in the condenser.

10. How to Check the Belt Drive

The Drive Belt functions to move the compressor pulley motor with the cranksaft pulley. Pay attention to the condition of the belt drive. If there are cracks crack immediately replace. This is to avoid the drive belt that breaks when the car is in motion. In some cases, this car AC drive belt car brand is integrated with the water pump and alternator rotation. Not only does the car air conditioner die if the drive belt breaks. But it will also result in our car engine overheating and charging the car battery not running.

11. Checking Freon AC Condition

Checking the Freon AC condition can be seen in the sight glass section found on the receiver drier. Generally, if the car engine is idle, you will see a white bubble and turn clear when it is in the gas. This indicates the condition of Freon is still quite a lot. See Also : Car Air Conditioning Compressors Do Not Rotate, These 4 Causes

Those are the parts that we must check if the car air conditioner suddenly turns off. In addition to being able to service our own car air conditioners, we can also use the services of car air conditioner services if it is felt that you really cannot fix it yourself.