Find out Why High Pressure in AC System, How to fix it

Find out Why High Pressure in AC System, How to fix it?

Problems with the cooling system on vehicles are often an obstacle which is why we must understand, Find out Why High Pressure in AC System, How to fix it?. In this discussion we will both learn how to improve the ac system in our cars so that the comfort in driving is not interrupted.

As the use of the cabin cooler (AC) the car will experience a decrease in performance. Not a few components that will experience a decrease in quality so as to make the effort to reduce cabin cooling. Therefore routine maintenance needs to be done. However, if there is already damage, you can actually do the detection using a freon pressure gauge. By measuring the pressure, you can reduce the suspicion of a component that is damaged.

According to technicians from Kikijaya Airconindo-Denso at Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, the freon pressure is divided into two namely low and high. The low pressure line itself functions to flow the low pressure freon from the evaporator to the compressor. While the high pressure line will flow the high-pressure freon from the compressor to the evaporator.

If the pressure channel is low in size between 15 to 25 psi. If the high pressure (high) is between 150 to 200 psi normally. If the low pressure rises from the normal limit, it means that there is a possibility of excessive freon or less compressed compressor. This occurs due to excessive freon pressure so that it will disconnect the magnetic clutch electric current which makes the compressor will not work. If forced to work, the air conditioner will not produce cold temperatures, while making the engine work heavier.

Meanwhile, if the high pressure channel is below the normal limit, it could be caused by a condenser that prevents the freon from circulating. Dead fan motors can also be a cause of high pressure decreases.

Another cause is the lack of freon, it will make the switch contained in the ac component not connected and the magnetic clutch relay, causing the ac compressor to die or not rotate.

Why High Pressure in AC System

Issues with AC Pressure

High weight inside the ​condenser fan can makes the aluminum misshape and evaporator curls to spill. The expense of fix and substitution of blower is high (about $450 in addition to $700 work – cost varies significantly relying upon vehicle) as the scramble may should be evacuated for fix. Higher than typical pneumatic stress is generally a result of two circumstances.

One, your AC framework may be confronting restricted or no wind stream through the condenser. This, thus, may be an outcome of awful condenser fan engine. In the event that you have flotsam and jetsam close to the fan obstructing the stream, you will confront a similar issue. Second, the other explanation behind a high-pressure perusing can be a cheated framework.

Condenser Fan Problems

The condenser aficionado of AC framework works at various rates and limits. Subsequently, a breakdown may diminish its productivity alongside speed. This, thusly, prompts the failure of the fan to viably cool the framework and pass air. You can by and by test the speed of the fan with effectively accessible DIY gear.

Issues with the AC System

High Pressure in AC System, Cheating of the framework is generally caused because of an overabundance of refrigerant in the framework. It can likewise be a direct result of overabundance oil in the framework. To test for a cheat framework, you would need to gauge the weight of the framework. Make it a point not adding increasingly refrigerant to the AC framework, except if you know without a doubt it is low.

To abstain from cheating of the framework, first check for spills. Get a hole check unit or gas sniffer (Amazon Link) to locate any hidden spillage. Try not to permit any carrier to be open as this makes the air go into the framework, bringing about high-pressure readings.

While checking for spills, ensure the glance at the lines, hoses, and blower. You may need to supplant one of these parts or only an O-ring. Do a visual review and search for oil spilling from any of these territories, and you’ll know there’s a break.

The greater part of the vehicles at present utilize the R134a refrigerant (Amazon Link) in the AC frameworks. More established model vehicles from the 90s or more seasoned may utilize R12. In any case, you can utilize R134a in your vehicle, in spite of the fact that you may require a connector for more established vehicles.

Cheating the framework and holes are some normal explanations behind AC issues. In any case, different issues could be: free wiring, slipping belt, low or old oil in framework, and the utilization of wrong blower grease can cause issues with your coolant framework.

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Check it Yourself With a Pressure Gauge

  • When checking pressure utilizing measures and both the high and low weight side readings more than 150 psi when the motor is off, you may have cheated your framework. You may need to discharge pressure from the framework. Check your vehicle manual for right weight.
  • On the off chance that your weight is low or zero, you realize you have practically no refrigerant in the framework and need to check for potential holes.
  • In the event that you turn your vehicle on and turn the AC to high and check the AC pressure lines, the low weight side should peruse around 30 psi and the high weight side should peruse around 250psi. Check you vehicle manual for explicit rules. The weight will cycle between the low and the high sides, so hold up till it grasp draws in to get the right readings.
  • In the event that there’s weight on the two sides yet the readings are off, at that point it’s feasible a section in the AC framework isn’t working appropriately. The blower, grip, and development valve are regular issues when readings are off.
  • On the off chance that you have to include refrigerant, since you have low weight when the motor is off. To begin with, ensure different pieces of the AC framework are working accurately. At that point get refrigerant and top it off to the right details showed by your vehicle manual.
  • In the event that you have to discharge pressure from the AC framework, it’s a smart thought to go to a technician. There are legitimate (Environmental Protection Agency) and security concerns if you somehow happened to do it without anyone else’s help.
  • There are different issues you can settle without anyone else with more instruments. So choose how included your willing and shop around.

What Are the Effects of High Pressure AC ?

  • At the time of excess freon, the ac pipe will experience high pressure so that the electric current to the clutch magnet will break. Whereas when the ac pipe pressure is low, an electric current will instead flow properly to the magnet clutch
  • The air temperature in the cabin of the car is not cold. Turning the ac temperature to the highest level is also useless because the results are zero
  • The burden borne by the engine will increase, so the car will feel heavy every time the air conditioner is turned on. Why is that? Because the compressor on the car air conditioner will work harder to pump the refrigerant in the air conditioning circulation so that the temperature in the cabin remains cool
  • The condenser will heat faster because of its higher performance. Excess freon ac wrong, lack of freon ac is also actually wrong. If the freon ac is reduced, the switch contained in the ac component is not connected and the magnetic clutch relay. This will cause the ac compressor to shut down or not run.

The signs of freon ac are starting to decrease or run out, including:

  • The ac compressor is dead or not rotating at all
  • The temperature exhaled by the car air conditioner became not cold due to the air conditioner compressor not turning
  • Extra fan will also not rotate even if the car air conditioner is turned on

Conclusion High Pressure in AC System

To find out whether or not the normal air pressure on your car is also very easy. When the car is dead, the normal pressure is 20 psi (low pressure) and 180 psi (high pressure). Meanwhile, when the car is started, its normal pressure will also increase, namely 25 psi (low pressure) and 220 psi (high pressure).

So that the ac pressure of your car remains durable, try to take measurements of the ac pressure on a regular basis. Make sure the ac pressure does not exceed 250 psi at high rpm. If the pressure is more than 250 psi, it can be ascertained that the ac pressure becomes damaged quickly.