How To Activate The Child Lock Feature Not Many People Know

How To Activate The Child Lock Feature Not Many People Know

Gnewscar – Hopefully it is not too late to share How to activate the Child Lock feature that many people don’t seem to know yet. Nowadays, a car is one of the indispensable needs for everyone to support all activities or activities every day.

Not only talking about supporting activities at work, but when hanging out with extended families, it will increase our comfort when using a private car.

When we travel and also bring family members who call it having small children, of course it will be troublesome if we don’t use our own car.

For this reason, the need for an MPV car, which is specifically designed for families, is one of the most popular types of cars in Indonesian society.

And what you need to pay attention to is when using a private car and also bringing your children (especially small children) make sure you activate the child lock feature on your car to avoid unwanted things, and also so that your trip is safe, especially for your children. know the features outside the central lock you can make as additional information.

So, what is the child lock feature and how do I activate it? In the following, the author will present his review for you.

What is the Child Lock feature?

Bringing small children when traveling is not an easy matter, especially when the children have started to actively hold and hold.

So that we as parents must be aware of things like this, so it is good for you to use the child lock feature on your car to support security and of course safety.

The child lock feature is a feature to lock the door via an additional lever that has been designed and embedded in your car.

And once activated, the child lock feature will lock automatically and cannot be opened from the inside unless you deactivate the child lock feature again.

Because of its very important role, especially when you bring a child aged 2 years and over, the child lock feature will play a role in reducing the risk of harm.

Therefore, every car issued by Toyota manufacturers generally uses the child lock feature to increase the safety of its users.

And when the child lock feature is not installed on your car, then you can install it separately in automotive shops, of course, this is to support the safety of you and your beloved family when driving. You can use tips for making cars more child-friendly as additional information.

How to activate the Child Lock feature ?

In general, cars that are already the latest releases are already using this one child lock feature. This is because the child lock feature is considered to provide a function and role that is sufficient to contribute to improving the safety of your rider. The following is how to activate the child lock feature, not many people know.

  • First, open the rear door, then you will find a lever marked lock, and please move the lever inward to lock.
  • Second, after you take the first step, automatically the occupants of your car cabin in the second row will not be able to open the car door from the inside, and the only way to open the door that has been activated the child lock feature is from outside, or must deactivate it again the child lock feature.
  • Third, to deactivate the child lock feature again, then please move the lock lever outward, then your rear door will be able to operate again as before, because the child lock feature has been deactivated.

In general, this child lock feature is a feature or device that is small and relatively simple, but this feature is very useful for those of you who often bring along and small children when traveling with their beloved family. Therefore, to support your driving, you should install the child lock feature.

How to Install the Child Lock Feature?

If indeed your car does not happen to have the child lock feature installed, but in order to maintain safety while driving, here’s how to install the child lock in your car.

This one feature is generally closely related to the brake pedal in your car, because when the tips have stepped on the brake pedal, a few minutes later, we will activate this feature.

Jumper or cut the wire and take the stun contract, ignition wire and connect it to the yellow wire of the module, then connect the red black stun wire to the black cable module and connect it to ground.

After that, string the cable from the green stri yellow brake switch with the violet cable and immediately switch to the door to connect the child lock cable. Finally, please connect the white blue strip wire with the ab cable