New features of Corolla Altis Hybrid

New features of Corolla Altis Hybrid now equipped Toyota Safety Sense, this explanation

Corolla Altis Hybrid comes with many advanced features. One of them is Safety Sense 2, which was claimed for the first time to be applied to Toyota model in the homeland. Essentially, a package that contains a variety of safety features to provide more optimal protection. What are the contents?

Pre-Collision System (PCS)
This feature relies on radar sensors and front-mounted cameras. The point detects the presence of vehicles in front. When the system sees a possible collision, the PCS directly warn the driver to immediately maneuver to dodge. If the warning is not enough or the driver does not have time to avoid the car, the system directly intervenes by braking automatically.

New features of Corolla Altis Hybrid now equipped Toyota Safety

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
Also known as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), this feature helps reduce the rapid coming of fatigue while driving. Because the driver is able to release the acceleration pedal or brake, while moving on the freeway. Like cruise control in general, but more sophisticated as it can keep a safe distance with other cars at speeds above 50 km/h.

This means that it also controls braking to keep pace, so it does not move wildly and crashing. The system utilizes the camera in front to take into account the distance of the vehicle ahead. If there is another car cut off the track, it also automatically anticipate it.

Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
The system combines Steering Assist, which Toyota puts in place to prevent potential accidents from sudden slumber in a few seconds. It still relies on camera sensors that read signs of both white and yellow roads. When a car experiences an unnatural movement, such as an exit path, the system activates warnings to the driver. If this sign is not heeded then LDA directly corrects the car in the right direction.

It can also be combined with the DRCC to keep the driver from the risk of fatigue due to long trips. However, it is worth noting that this feature does not mean allowing hands to be removed from the steering wheel. Still need any supervision from the user.

Automatic High Beam (AHB)
Still using the camera sensor, AHB detects cars coming from the opposite direction. Very useful at night, especially when the driver uses high beam. When the system finds another car, it automatically switches the position of the main lamp remotely (high beam) to the near (low beam). It’s simple to function, but very important because it prevents other drivers from being exposed to distant illumination rays. The main purpose is not to avoid accidents.