3 Bad Effect Using Car Tire Polish Too Often, How to care for tires properly

3 Bad Effect Using Car Tire Polish Too Often, How to care for tires properly

3 things you should know when you want car tires to always look shiny, Slippery And Easy To Crack, Bad Effect Using Car Tire Polish Too Often. Caring for a vehicle is not just about the engine and the components that support its performance. The outer appearance or body of the vehicle also needs attention to keep it looking clean and shiny at all times.

There are many ways that vehicle owners can do, from washing clean, polishing, to polishing tires. Yep, using tire polish is an option for polishing vehicle components that are directly in contact with this road.

But it turns out, using tire polish is not only shiny, there are bad effects that can be caused if you use it too often. What are they?. See Also : Best Car Tire Polish Keeps Your Car Wheels Clean Every Day

3 Bad Effect Using Car Tire Polish Too Often

Tires are smoother

Tire polish materials on the market use silicone on average. This silicone, in addition to polishing, also covers the tire surface thinly.

Although the use of tire polish is recommended only on the wall or wall, it does not rule out the possibility that the polish can flow to the tread.

If this is the case, the tires will lose traction, making them more slippery, especially when on wet roads.

Therefore, no racing vehicle uses tire polish because the tires will not get perfect traction on the track.

Tires are more dull

Using tire polish too often will actually make the tires even more dull because there are layers that have been eroded by chemicals.

If you don’t use the tire polish unevenly, the tires may also have discoloration. Automatically, the vehicle owner will polish the tires again to keep them shiny.

Too often using it is also dangerous when the vehicle is driven, the tires become smoother. If you want to polish the tires, you should just do it occasionally and not overdo it to the tread.

Tires crack easily

As mentioned above, frequent use of tire polish will actually erode the compound coating on the tires.

If you lose this layer, tire rubber becomes easily damaged and brittle, causing cracks to occur. The more severe the cracks will cause the tire pressure to decrease frequently.

In the end, the tire has a smooth leak, or even breaks when driven at high speed.

How to Take Care of Car Tires

Maintenance of car tires does not only depend on a shiny appearance, but there are several important factors that you must pay attention to so that the life of car tires can last longer.

Tire pressure is appropriate

The first step in caring for the tires is to ensure that the air pressure is in accordance with the recommendations recommended by the manufacturer. Each vehicle has its own recommended wind pressure, to find out you can look at the vehicle manual. In cars, for example, this recommendation can be seen on the B pillar near the driver’s door.

It’s also good that every once a week you need to check so that the vehicle tire pressure. This is because the lack of air pressure on the tires can increase fuel consumption, and the risk of tire bursting is higher.

Pay attention to the tire grooves

The function of the tire groove is to remove dirt or water when it rains so that the tires do not become slippery and avoid slippage.

So, when crossing a sandy or wet track the tires still get traction. Now, if the grooves have started to wear out or have many cracks, you should replace the vehicle tires immediately to avoid unwanted things while traveling.

Measure tire life

Before measuring tire age, it’s a good idea to get to know the Tire Identification Number (TIN) first. The TIN is located on the side or wall of the tire, which contains the production code to identify when the tire was made.

Production codes typically use four digits to indicate the week and year of manufacture. For example, the listed production code is 1518. So, the tires will be produced on the 15th week of 2018.

However, this code is not a benchmark for predicting when a tire will run out or expire, because the production code is an internal requirement of the manufacturer.

In fact, there is no expiration date on the tires, but the tires still have a maximum service life. The lifespan depends on its usage.

Tires don’t always have to be shiny. Don’t forget to always take care of the tires to make them more durable and safer on the trip.

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