How To Clean Dust On Cars Fast and Easy at Home

How To Clean Dust On Cars Fast and Easy at Home

A trivial but often asked question in car cleanliness is, How To Clean Dust On Cars Fast and Easy at Home,  How not, maybe some of you are often annoyed by the dust from the streets that often sticks to your car. Like just yesterday cleaning, it looks dirty again.

Actually, the dust that sticks to the car is a natural thing. Especially if the area you live in is an area with a high level of dust, such as construction, factories, and so on. The dust that sticks as if it doesn’t want to disappear. But now you don’t need to worry anymore. The article below will discuss how to clean dust on a car quickly and easily based on the type of dust that is attached so that you don’t worry anymore if you have to clean it repeatedly. Here is the explanation.

How To Clean Dust On Cars Fast and Easy at Home

Dust is a problem that always disturbs the view of car owners, it has been cleaned every day but still returns even though the vehicle is not used, based on the type of dust is divided into two, namely dry dust and wet dust you can follow these tips to clean the dust in the car without leaving good scratches on it. car body, dashboard, or windshield.

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How to Clean Dry Dust on a Car

For the initial stage, you can pay attention to whether the dust that often sticks to your car is dry dust or wet dust. Because later, the method of cleaning is different too. If the dust that clings to is dust that can be removed with a light wash, then it is dry dust. To get rid of it, you only need to use a duster as the medium. You can use a feather duster as a practical tool and of course it is very cheap. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to before starting to clean dry dust on the car using a duster.

You should use a duster with a wool base as this material is considered the safest to paint your car. Do not try to clean dry dust using a duster based on quill or rope. This is because in some cases, the feather duster and raffia rope actually leave fine scratches on the surface of your car. Of course you don’t want it if your intention to maintain cleanliness ends up with new problems.

How To Clean Wet Dust

The second type of dust is wet dust. For this type of dust, you cannot use a duster to forcefully remove it. how to clean the dust on the car quickly and easily for wet dust is to wash it. Of course, wet dust will not stop by and stick to your car every day.

But you need to be vigilant if the rainy season is in sight. Usually, water splashes in the area near the tires will cause road dust spots. This dust if left alone has the potential to cause corrosion and what is worse will spread to other parts of your car body. Not to mention the potential for water mixed with dirt that settles in the curves of the car body that are difficult to reach.

Therefore, you can wash your car regularly if you feel that wet dust has started to accumulate in these vulnerable areas. You can wash your own car using the recommended shampoo. Or if you don’t want to be bothered, you can come directly to car wash services which are currently found on the roadside. Don’t forget to always control what shampoo and ingredients you use to wash your car so that scratches and fine lines can be minimized.

Those are some ways to clean dust on a car quickly and easily based on the type of dust on the surface. You can experiment with other materials that are still safe for your car paint. May be useful.