Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

Best Car Oil Brand, Talking about car maintenance, oil is the main component that attracts the most attention. This lubricating fluid really determines how long your vehicle’s engine will last. The more routine you change the engine oil, the longer the engine life of your vehicle will be, and vice versa if you ignore it.

Not only routine oil changes, you also have to understand which type of oil is best for the car. Generally, the company or car manufacturer has suggested the type of oil to be used, it is usually stated in the driving manual or vehicle service book.

What Is The Function Of The Oil In The Engine?

In addition to protecting engine components from friction, there are several functions of oil in your car engine:

As a lubricant
Not much different from a motorbike engine, in a car engine components are almost 100% made of metal. Oil plays an important role in reducing engine friction to become smooth and to avoid damage to engine components.

Protects against rust
The substances contained in these lubricating fluids are able to prevent wear and corrosion in the engine. This lubricating oil is also able to reduce chemical substances in the engine that have the potential to cause rust.

Cleanning machine
The remainder of the combustion when the car is started will produce waste. This residue can be absorbed in a short time in the machine. Machine cleanliness needs to be maintained to avoid corrosion. Engine oil is able to clean dirt that sticks to the engine, such as mud or scale, so that the engine is kept clean

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To save fuel
Maybe you are asking the relationship of lubricating oil to save fuel in your vehicle. Not only as an engine lubricant, it turns out that car oil can save fuel for vehicles. Quoting from the automotive compass, how engine oil can save fuel, Shofwatuzzaki (Shell Lubricants Techical Advisor Indonesia) said, with the right lubricating oil, it can make engine performance lighter and produce lower friction. Thus, it will affect fuel efficiency to be less wasteful.

Still according to Zaki, through technology (Shell PurePlus Technology) his company was able to make 0W-10 oil for City Car-Gordon Murray and save materials up to 6.5%.

Cool the engine
Using the machine for a long time, the engine will get hot. Good oil is able to cool the engine so that there is no overhead on the engine.

Improve engine performance
The use of the right oil will affect the maximum power and torque generated in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.

When is it time to change engine oil With Best Car Oil Brand?

When you ask your friends, when did they change the oil in their car, the answers vary from one another. Maybe someone said once a month, two months, 3 months or 6 months when the car is rarely used, depending on the mileage and maybe someone answered not necessarily.

For new cars, it is recommended to change the oil when the odometer shows 10,000 kilometers. It would be better to replace it every time the odometer shows 2500 kilometers, usually service 1,2 and 3 are still free.

What if the car is rarely used, aka it lasts longer to hang out in the grille?

Changing vehicle oil, whether used regularly or more frequently, is pardoned, the size is when it reaches 10,000 killometers or every 6 months.

This means that you must change the engine oil when the odometer shows 10,000 kilometers or the age of the oil has reached 6 months.

In conclusion, oil is mandatory even though it is rarely used at least every 6 months when the car is rarely used.

Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

TOP 1 Zenzation

This best car oil is recommended for caring for the vehicle thoroughly in various conditions to the road terrain. TOP 1 Zenzation provides extra protection with various technologies.

Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

TOP 1 Zenzation is produced by an oil manufacturer from California, USA, namely the TOP 1 Oil Products Company. This quality lubricant keeps the car’s performance stable and optimal for a long time.

Its synthetic content helps form a lubricant that is strong and resistant to conditions of evaporation, wear, and lubricates the car engine as a whole.

By using TOP 1 Zenzation for cars, you will get various advantages, such as:

  • Ester Fortified: An additive formula designed to keep the car running smoothly and responsively from the start of the engine.
  • Max TBN: Higher and modern anti-corrosion technology to provide maximum protection against rust.
  • Exceed Euro 6 Standard: Quality or standardization of lower exhaust emissions so that it is more environmentally friendly, power and power produced.

Shell Helix Ultra

The first recommended car oil is the ultra helix shell, more precisely the Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40. The ultra helix shell is produced through PurePlus shell technology which is able to maximize car engines in all fields.

Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

By using the ultra heliz shell you get benefits, such as:

  • Protection against wear & corrosion, and helps extend engine life. In addition, this oil is able to neutralize corrosive acids from the remains of combustion.
  • Superior Active Cleansing Technology. Able to clean your engine from deposits that can interfere with engine performance.
  • Protects the engine from high residual combustion. The technology embedded in this oil maintains and cleans engine components like a new engine from the manufacturer.
  • Low evaporation. Consumption of oil is due to less engine oil top up.
  • Specifications: API SN / CF; ACEA A3 / B3, A3 / B4; BMW LL-01;

Total Quartz 9000

Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

Total is a manufacturing company headquartered in Paris, France. Total lubricating oil is designed for motorbikes. Besides being friendly to the environment, using Total oil can save fuel consumption by up to 3.1%. Just like other lubricating oils, Total provides protection from wear and tear on your car engine. Total oil has several variants to suit the needs of your car.

Fastron Techno

Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

Fasrton is made from pertamina lubricants which are also domestically made products. One of the best-selling oil variants from Fastron is the Fastron Techno 10W-40 and Fastron Gold 5W-30.

Super Car 2000

Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

Mobil Super 2000 lubricating oil is an Exxon Mobil product. Manufactured with the best quality synthetic & mineral base ingredients, it gives your vehicle protection from deposits and corrosion. Using can extend the life of the vehicle. In addition, the price offered by Exxon Mobil is quite affordable.


Best Car Oil Brand Recommendations for All Types of Cars

Who does not know this brand, Castrol has more than 100 years of experience in innovation and high performance engine oil and is now a world class engine oil provider.

Best Car Oil Manufacturing Standards

Best Toyota Brand Car Oil

Adopting journalism auto, Erwin (Service Head Auto 2000) said, in choosing Avanza engine oil, especially cars that are aged, the thing that must be considered is the viscosity of the oil. For older generation Avanza types usually have a machine with a bigger gap when compared to the second generation WT-i engine.

Still according to Erwin, the right oil for the old Toyota Avanza is full synthetic engine oil. As an official workshop, it is recommended to use full synthetic engine oil 0W-20, 5W-30 or 10W40. Erwin added that the use of Toyota Motor Oil (TMO) product oil is generally applicable to all specifications and types of Toyota vehicles in Indonesia.

According to the official website of auto200, TMO Lubricant Oil has several variants such as 10W-30 SL, 15W-40 CH4, 10W-40 SN, 15W-40 CI, Full Synthetic 5W-30 SN GF5, and Full Synthetic 0W-20 Eco Power APO SN GF-5.

One of the advantages of using TMO Lubricant Manufacturing lubricants (applies to all Toyota brands) is that it increases engine life, saves fuel and feels lighter traction.

Honda Best Car Oil

According to the official Honda-Indonesia website, which was specifically informed by Honda R&D, Honda Automobile Oil, the E-Pro Gold 0w-20 has a low viscosity (watery) which will result in optimal engine performance and fuel economy.

This type of HOA lubricating oil launched by PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has three variants, namely, E-Pro Green, E-Pro Blue and E-Pro Gold.

This HAO lubricating oil is the result of the development of Honda R&D which is designed to provide maximum protection and fuel efficiency. Thus your car engine is more friendly to the environment.

HAO components use full synthetic base oil, so it has a longer service life. In addition, HAO also uses an additive composition which is also the result of the development of the Honda H&R in order to provide more optimal performance on Honda engines.

The new variants of HAO include the E-Pro Green 10W-30 which is sold at IDR 75,000 per liter and the E-Pro Blue 5W-30 SN GF which is an upgrade from the previous variant, but is now more environmentally friendly priced at IDR 90,000 per liter. . Meanwhile, the E-Pro Gold 0W-20 SN GF-5 variant is the “Best performance Oil”. This variant has a lower viscosity thereby giving your car the best performance. The E-Pro Gold 0W-20 SN GF-5 variant is priced at IDR 120,000 per liter.

All HAO oil variants are suitable for all types and types of Honda brand vehicles.

Suzuki Brand Car Oil

In Indonesia, users of the Suzuki brand are not inferior to well-known brands such as Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, etc. One of the superior products from Suzuki is the All New Ertiga. More than 1000 units were recorded to be ordered at GILAS 2019, and the most ordered was Ertiga.

For those of you, Suzuiki users are recommended to use the standard manufacturer oil from Suzuki, namely Suzuki Genuine. As for the ertiga car, it is recommended to use 4 liters of Suzuki Genuine Oil SGO 5W-30.

The variants of the SGO brand lubricating oil are quite diverse, for more details below are the types and prices of Suzuki SGO OLI.

Dihatsu Brand Car Oil

Daihatsu brand variants are quite diverse starting from Xenia, Gran Max, Sigra, Luxio, Ayla, Espass, Zebra, Ceria, Hi-Line, Feroza, Hi-Max, Taruna, YRV, and other sederert.

Just like other car brands, Daihatsu recommends the best oil to all users of the Daihatsu brand, namely Daihatsu Genuie Oil.

The advantage of this DGO lubricant is that it can provide wear protection to all engine components from the start of the engine. Another advantage is that this lubricant manufacturing technology is equipped with an “After Treatment Device”.

Nissan Brand Car Oil

The most Nissan cars are SUV and MPV models. For SUV models, including the Juke, Extrail, Terra, Navara and New E-trail. Meanwhile, the MPV models are the All New Livina, All New Serena and All Grand. Another variant is March.

The recommended oil for Nissan cars is Nissan Genuine Oil. As for the oil for the Nissan Livina car, the recommended “spec 0W-20,”

Recommendations for several types of Nissan cars such as Nissan March, Nissan Evalia, Nissan Grand Livina, Nissan Juke, Nissan Serena, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Teana, Nissan Elgrand and Nissan Murano are Nissan Motor Oil SAE 10W-30 API SL.

Mitsubishi Brand Car Oil

Quoting from the official website of PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) as the official distributor (MMKSI) recommends Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Oil (MMGO). This lubricating oil is formulated from high quality base oil & special additives with an optimal composition to provide the best protection and lubrication to improve engine performance and save fuel for your vehicle.

The following is a series of advantages of MMGO lubricating oil:

  • Manufactured from quality base oil with a low level of evaporation, thus the use of lubricants is more efficient
  • Able to coat metal surfaces & minimize the occurrence of friction
  • The best protection from wear when the car is used
  • Maintain engine cleanliness to keep it optimal and prevent dirt and sediment from forming.
  • Minimizes friction, improves engine and fuel efficiency
  • Maintains viscosity stability, prevents formation of foam and fluidity at cold temperatures.

Datsun Brand Car Oil

Looking at the official Indonesian website ( there is already very clear about maintenance costs including regular oil changes. You can also download the pdf version of the car care table. The advantage is that you are exempt from installation service fees of up to 50,000 Km / 4 years in all official Nissan Datsun Indonesia workshops.

The recommended datsun brand oil according to the official datsun website is datsun go and datsungo plus. Next visit the official datsun indonesia website.

Isuzu Brand Car Oil

Joen Boediputra, as Marketing Director of PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI), recommends that the use of oil for the Isuzu car brand is Isuzu Astra Genuine Oil (IAGO).

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