Electric Car Maintenance Costs

Electric Car Maintenance Costs Are Cheaper Than Conventional?

Electric Car Maintenance Costs, gNewscar – The high price of electric cars has made this type of vehicle known as a luxury item. This is certainly not without reason, the high price is influenced by vehicle components with special technology, such as software and lithium batteries that must be imported from other countries.

Not only these devices, the lack of electric charging stations in Indonesia is also a factor that causes the high price of electric cars in the country.

However, even though electric cars are known for their high prices, the maintenance costs for electric cars are much cheaper than conventional cars. Is that right?.

Several studies that have been conducted by Quartz show that the cost of repairing electric cars is lower than the internal combustion engine.

In other words, although the current price of electric cars is still quite expensive, it is comparable to relatively cheap maintenance expenses.

Electric Car Maintenance Costs Are Cheaper Than Conventional

One of the samples carried out by Quartz, namely the expense of maintaining an electric car made by General Motors, Chevrolet Bolts. Maintenance costs an average of around USD205.

Other models such as the electric Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus cost around $ 344 and $ 386 in maintenance.

In addition, the cost of maintaining an electric car that must be spent on charging an electric car is quite affordable.

Where the results of research by electric car owners such as the Nissan Leaf only cost approximately USD32,580 or around IDR464 million.

The amount is stated for the use of the car for nine years.

If you use a petrol car for the use of the Ford Fusion, the car owner must spend approximately USD41,328 or the equivalent of Rp.586 million for the same time use.

In fact, in another study quoted from Clean Technica, a study in Canada stated that 96% of electric car owners will not return to conventional engined vehicles.

* 75 percent of electric car owners recharge at home

The study also found that 75 percent of electric car owners recharge the battery at home. This means that the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles does not depend on public facilities.

Then, based on this research, to cover 24 thousand kilometers, an electric car only costs USD546. Whereas for conventional vehicles, the money spent is much more, reaching USD1,255.

Another thing that was discovered was that the costs incurred by electric cars could be reduced to below USD 1,000. Not only is the cost of maintaining electric cars cheap, the tax cost of electric cars is also considered cheaper than conventional cars, because there are incentives that have been implemented for electric cars since August.

Electric cars also have up to two times better value. Electric cars are said to lose only 12% of their value per year, in contrast to petrol cars, where their value decreases by 24% per year.