3 Types Of Car Headlights That Are Often Used Today

3 Types Of Car Headlights That Are Often Used Today, Which One Is The Best?

3 Types Of Car Headlights That Are Often Used Today, Which One Is The Best? – In the past, car headlights were known only for lighting. Over time, car lights are not only limited to lighting, but also play an important role in the appearance of the vehicle and driving safety. Cool lamp design with advanced technology makes the car look modern.

If you look at the latest car this year, you will definitely see the shape of the car lights that seem luxurious even though the size looks smaller, it can even be said to be slender, but its elegant appearance cannot be denied and is a special attraction that can attract car buyers in the world.

3 Types Of Car Headlights That Are Often Used Today

Well, let’s get to know the various types of car headlights that are now widely applied by manufacturers and those that are widely circulating in the market. And keep in mind, different types of lights produce different light intensities.

best Car Headlights

best Car Headlights

1. Halogen

This type of lamp is the most popular and widely used in cars. Apart from being the most

affordable, halogen lamps are easy to apply to old cars and newer cars. Another advantage, halogen lamps are more friendly to visibility in rainy and foggy conditions.

The power produced by this halogen lamp ranges from 35-55 watts with low light intensity yellow (3,000 Kelvin) to high light intensity white (5,000 Kelvin).

Halogen lamps work by operating the filament at high temperatures. Because this halogen lamp uses a filament like incandescent lamps in general, the operation of this filament can produce a brighter light or incandescent.

2.HID (High Intensity Discharge)

As the name implies, HID (High Intensity Discharge) has a brighter light intensity. This lamp is one level above Halogen. Unlike the Halogen which operates the filament at high temperatures, HID lamps do not have a filament. The light is produced by the ignition of Xenon gas in the tube. However, the resulting light is brighter than halogen lamps.

3.LED (High Emitting Diodes)

Next is the LED (High Emitting Diodes) lamps which are very popularly used as lighting in homes, for audio accessories, to use in brakes and motor vehicle license plates.

Now, LED lamps have been adopted and applied to car headlights. Some of the advantages include the resulting light intensity that is brighter than HID lamps with less power. Besides the LED lights have excellent durability so they can be used for a long time.

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Currently there are various kinds of LED lamps, such as

  • Limited LED, commonly used as the main light because it has high power.
  • LED Cree, is an additional light which is commonly used on brakes and also as a turn signal.
  • COB LED (chip and board), this lamp is an arrangement of a row of chips on one board, and is commonly used as a platform cabin light.

Of the three types of car headlights above, each has advantages and disadvantages. But one thing is for sure, the more sophisticated the type of lamp the more complex the technology. For those of us who do not know about the car’s headlights and electrical system in detail, you should not try to tinker with it yourself, you are advised to bring it to an experienced technician.

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