5 Tips for Cleaning Car Ceiling mold That Are Proven Successful

5 Tips For Cleaning Car Ceiling Mold That Are Proven Successful

How do I remove mold from my car ceiling?, A common question that is being asked by many car owners around the world. Respond and hope to give the best gNewscar today share 5 Tips for Cleaning Car Ceiling mold That Are Proven Successful. Okay, we go straight to the subject matter which is the topic of discussion in this article.

Tips for cleaning a moldy car ceiling – Not only the exterior that must be cleaned but the interior of the car also needs to be given care and maintenance, especially the ceiling. This is because the ceiling is made of special materials in the form of cloth and velvet. The problem that often occurs is that the ceiling is moldy.

If you experience this problem, don’t panic because there are several ways you can do to clean it using materials that are around you. Check out the following tips for cleaning moldy car ceilings:

Tools Needed To Clean Mold

Before you know how to clean a moldy car ceiling, it’s a good idea to prepare the materials in advance. Without complete ingredients, the cleaning will feel less than optimal.

The first material you have to prepare is a soft brush and you can use an old toothbrush. Do not use an old brush whose bristles have been damaged even though the bristles are soft. Damaged brush bristles are caused by the long duration of using the brush, so using a brush in this condition will only damage the material and structure of the car ceiling.

You also need to prepare a soft cloth or tissue. For the last ingredient that must be prepared is cleaning liquid. This liquid should not be arbitrary so it can only be found in car repair shops or car accessories centers. Make sure if the cleaning liquid can be used to treat stubborn mold.

Steps to Cleaning Car Ceiling Mold

After the ingredients are complete, now you can start cleaning the moldy car ceiling. The following are steps that can be taken:

Prepare a mushroom cleaning liquid

The first tip for cleaning a moldy car ceiling is to prepare the cleaning fluid that you bought previously. Pour the cleaning liquid into a container or cup, then place it in a safe place that cannot be reached by children. If the liquid is a spray type, you can spray it directly onto the affected part of the ceiling without using a cup.

Dip the toothbrush and dab it on the moldy part

The next step that can be done is to immediately dip the toothbrush that has been prepared in the cup filled with cleaning liquid and make sure all surfaces of the brush can be exposed to the liquid. After that, apply the brush to the moldy ceiling. Apply it slowly and using a one-way motion. After that, wait until the cleaning layer on the ceiling area appears. Usually this layer is thick white and slightly foamy.

Clean with a cloth or tissue

Clean the brushed ceiling using a cloth or tissue. Don’t rub it on the ceiling but just stick it on so that the cleaning layer can all be lifted. Try to see the ceiling of your car whether the fungus is really gone, if not immediately repeat the steps mentioned above properly and correctly.

Dry after the fungus is removed

After all the steps have been done, the final method is you have to dry the car ceiling. If it is not dry immediately, it will cause traces of cleaning fluid to appear on the ceiling. The drying method is quite easy, namely by using a blow dryer at medium speed, then point it at the ceiling until the conditions are completely dry.

The tips for For Cleaning Car Ceiling Mold that have been mentioned above will not be optimal if they are not accompanied by good and correct ceiling care, so after doing this cleaning you must take care of the ceiling from cigarette smoke, not touch the ceiling with dirty hands and also avoid problematic AC circulation because proven to be able to make the ceiling dirty quickly and then mold.