How Do You Choose a Good Car Sound System

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Car modification cannot be separated from the entertainment sector, including audio. So, How Do You Choose a Good Car Sound System? Currently the car does not only have a role as a means of transportation, but as a representation of the identity of the owner.

Therefore, the phenomenon of modification is widely carried out, which makes the car different from the cars produced by the manufacturer.

Modifications made are not only just the exterior or interior appearance, but also penetrate the engine parts to boost performance.

Meanwhile, in the entertainment sector, which includes audio, attention must be paid to maximize travel and music listening experiences.

Now, audio modification usually deals with replacing the audio head unit, speakers, adding a tweeter and subwoofer, to the car sound system or amplifier.

Without the need to replace the head unit, actually a car sound system is really needed when you change speakers or add aftermarket tweeters.

In general, the function of a car sound system is to increase the power of the speakers, tweeters and subwoofers so that they can produce maximum sound.

In addition, audio power plays a role in making the dynamic range of sound better and stable from low to high levels. as a result, the audio sound in the car becomes clearer.

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How Do You Choose a Good Car Sound System?

* Power accordingly

As previously mentioned, the car sound system functions to add and drain power from the head unit to the sound output device.

So, when choosing speakers, tweeters, and subfoowers, pay attention to their power first. For example, suppose a speaker has a minimum output or root mean square (RMS) of 50 watts and a maximum of 100 watts.

This means you need audio power with a minimum power of 50 watts. The more power on the audio power, the better the sound.

For a small car like a hatchback with 4 speakers, for example, you need 4 channel audio power with 4 × 50 watts of power.

* Flow modification

The flow of audio modification varies widely and depends on the use of a car sound system.

For example, the SQL audio modification stream emphasizes speaker and subwoofer setup. For that, the car must be fitted with a large number of speakers and subwoofers in almost all parts of the cabin to the trunk.

Then, a special monoblock audio power is needed that supplies power to the subwoofer.

Meanwhile, in the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) stream, the speakers are only used for the front and the audio power uses a lot of power so that it can flow the sound to the subwoofer optimally.

Finally, there is the Sound Quality (SQ) stream which prioritizes detail, depth, to all sound frequencies that must be heard clearly and clearly.

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* Audio System Brand

The brand of the car sound system determines its quality. These brands are well known and experienced in producing audio devices, not only for cars but also for other needs.

Call it the Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, JBL, JL Audio, Venom, and so on. Car sound systems from these brands are commonly used to boost audio quality in the car cabin.

Prices vary, depending on quality. In addition, there is also an installation fee. If you just replace the speakers, tweeters, add a subwoofer and audio power without changing the head unit.

However, before adding or modifying audio, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced and trusted audio modifier first. This is so that the sound produced is what you want as a car owner, and the car’s electrical system is also safe.