Caring For The Car Hand Brakes To Stay Optimal When Used

Caring For The Car Hand Brakes To Stay Optimal When Used

Caring For The Car Hand Brakes, gNewscar – Hand brakes are often used when the car stops for a long time. Do not be overlooked, this is how to treat the hand brake so that it lasts. Handbrake or parking brake is a component that can not be separated in a car. As the name implies, this component makes the car stop perfectly when parked, so it does not shift when it is on an uneven surface.

In addition, the handbrake also serves to help the driver when the car stops on the hill and wants to go back. Meanwhile, when going downhill, hand brakes are also used when the car stops or helps braking on foot brakes.

In emergencies such as foot brake failure, handbrake can help, by pulling and lowering the handbrake lever many times by compensating for the speed of the car while directing it to the side of the road. Important is not the function of the hand brake ?.

Caring For The Car Hand brakes

Cars that are parked for a long time with active hand brakes are prone to damage. Hand brakes that are left active for too long will make the brake fluid and disk sticky making it vulnerable to damage. Well, don’t underestimate, here is how to treat hand brakes so that they last a long time when a car is not in use.

Do not use hand brakes when parking the car for a long time

How to treat hand brakes so that the first durable is not used. That is, hand brakes should not be used if there is an intention to park the car for a long time.

For example in PSBB conditions, where cars are rarely used and only in the garage, you don’t need to use hand brakes if the parking surface is level.

For manual transmission cars, you can use neutral or N teeth. To be safer, Block the four tires with wood or stone so that the car does not shift. As for automatic transmission cars, you can use P or parking function to lock the transmission so that the car’s engine cannot move.

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Rest the hand brake

If circumstances do not allow to park the car without using the handbrake, it helps you rest occasionally.

For example, a car park garage is uneven and is not possible to be blocked because there is a potential danger. How to treat hand brakes in this condition is quite easy. When you heat the car, you can rest the hand brake and use the foot brake.

With this, the foot brake will work, so there is no blockage in the brake hose and no clumping on the brake fluid. So, do not let the car handbrake active for too long. Occasionally you also need to rest it.

Hand brake type

Until now there were three types of hand brakes or parking brakes found in Indonesia. First, pull hand brakes are still widely used in cars today. This type is shaped stick that is located on the center console, adjacent to the transmission lever.

Second, the pedal type hand brake. As the name implies, to use this hand brake, the way is stepped on if you want to use it. It is located on the far left, next to the clutch pedal for manual cars, or the brake pedal for automatic cars.

Finally, the electric type hand brake. This type is usually adopted in luxury cars for the upper middle class. To use it, you can simply pull the lever that is located close to the transmission lever.

Caring For The Car Hand Brakes Periodic service

Just like other components, one way to treat hand brakes is to do regular service. The pull-type handbrake would ideally click ‘click’ between four to seven times the pull. When you have pulled the seven times over, you need to reset it.

Just like a foot brake, hand brake shoes also need to be cleaned of dust and sticking crust. When it is finished, the handbrake can be replaced.