8 Summer Car Care Tips Can Be Done By Yourself at Home

8 Summer Car Care Tips Can Be Done By Yourself at Home

Summer Car Care TipsGnewscar.com– The maintenance of the car must be carried out regularly and periodically. As an object in motion, the car goes through various traffic conditions. Especially when seasonal changes like this, with weather conditions and uneven road conditions, affect the performance of a car that has to work harder.

Entering the dry season, car maintenance is easier to do than the rainy season. In fact, it is not difficult to do light maintenance on a car, as long as we intend to do it and that we are also supported by favorable weather conditions.

When entering the summer, everything must be prepared for hot and scathing weather. He is preparing not only to be fit and healthy, but also ensures that the vehicle continues to be maintained on foggy and heated roads. Caring for vehicles in the summer is also a source of tips and tricks. To not be a problem when you move, see how to take care of your vehicle as follows.

8 Summer Car Care Tips Can Be Done By Yourself at Home

1. Keep the vehicle engine cool


As cold as a vehicle engine, it’s certainly not the same as ice cubes. Especially if every day is used for activities, for example to go to work. There is certainly a coolant hose in every vehicle. When the machine has not been used, check the hose. Then, squeeze it so that it does not slip and can easily escape when used for other activities.

2. Check tire pressure


This check must be done, especially before driving. Do not let the wind in less. You can end up eating wheels. Every vehicle manufacturer has their own tire pressure standards. But in general, the correct tire pressure is not less than 40. For more details, try to trace the specifications of your vehicle.

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3. Diligently close the curtains

The role of these curtains can not be underestimated when the weather is getting hotter. This is specifically for you who want to take care of the car type, yes. The most important function of this curtain closure is to protect the dashboard from the possibility of ultraviolet rays. This ray is very dangerous for human skin, especially for vehicle components.

4. Wash vehicles regularly


Whether it’s a car, a motorcycle, a bus, etc. always need this talk number 4. Not negotiable anymore. Take your time to clean and maintain the vehicle in warm weather. It does not take a lot of time anyway, right? At most, longer when you spend your time chatting happily with your peers.

5. Routinely clean the air filter on the engine


In addition to keeping the engine cool, the air filter must also be cleaned. Otherwise, it will easily cough when invited to tour. On every trip, air filters often catch dust, dirt and others. If left for a long time, engine performance will be affected. To minimize errors, consult a technician.

6. Pay attention to the vehicle ac

This method can only be applied to motorists, buses or minibuses. The role of the air conditioner is very important. So, bring it regularly to the garage or call a technician to check the condition of the air conditioner. The problem is that if it leaks, the car engine will also be affected. Flowing water can flow on the glass even to the engine.

7. Provide the windshield washer liquid

The availability of the washer indicates that you are faithful to driving safety. In hot weather, the glass particles expand easily. Then it is very important that the glass of your vehicle is sprayed. Then rinse with a cloth. Please also pay attention to the quality of the liquid. Thus, the performance of the wipers is maximum and does not weaken in the middle of the road.

8. Clean the glass car manually


In hot weather, the role of glass in the protection of the vehicle interior is very important. Therefore, the glass should be cleaned daily. But please do it manually. Do not use fully automated machines. In order not to cause scratches that would damage the aesthetic value of your vehicle. There is no need for a motorcycle.

Whenever you drive, always prepare mineral water. Let yourself avoid the potential for dehydration. Do not bring too many items that could make the vehicle warmer. Taking care of a vehicle is not as difficult as we imagine. In fact, the difficulty usually comes from our own laziness. No outdoor parties. Therefore, like your vehicle.

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