Many Good And Correct Used Car Care Tips

Many Good And Correct Used Car Care Tips

Correct Used Car Care Tips, Until now, cars are still the most popular means of land transportation. Many kinds and varieties of cars on the market. Starting from sedans, SUVs to the upper class, there are the most expensive sports cars in the world.

The high price of this car makes some people prefer to buy used cars. So that the trend of buying and selling used cars emerged. The market for buying and selling used cars is almost never empty of visitors. Generally, they are looking for a used car because the price it offers is relatively cheaper.

When you have bought a used car, it’s a good idea to know how to care for it. Since a used car is basically a consumable car, we never know how the previous driver used the car.

Correct Used Car Care

As with new cars, used cars also require regular maintenance. Here are some treatments for used cars that you need to know:

Perform routine oil changes

There are several lubrication systems in a car and each of them requires regular oil changes. For the lubrication system on the engine, ideally it needs to be replaced every 6 months or it can also be seen from the color of the oil. If it is black then the oil needs to be replaced.

Actually, you can also see it from the speedometer if it shows 10,000 km. However, because this is a used car the service records are sometimes lost.

As for the transmission system and axle oil, at least you have to replace it every 24 months and the oil braking system needs to be replaced at least once every 12 months.

Check and Change Radiator Water Routinely

Radiator water that is reduced or replaced rarely can cause problems with the cooling system. If the car is allowed to overheat and even the car engine can break down and emit smoke.

Therefore, you need to check the radiator water. If the radiator water has decreased from the minimum limit, then immediately refill it until it is full again. Then if the radiator water is cloudy, replace it with new water. Try to use clear radiator water.

Also make sure you look at the radiator carefully for damage or leaks in it.

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Preheat the Engine Before Use the Car

One thing that makes the car stall is the ignition system that doesn’t work. In cases like this a dirty spark plug could be the cause. To avoid this, preheat the engine of the vehicle every time you want to use it.

Well, this also applies even though the car is rarely used. At least one to two days the car engine must be heated.

Check Tire Condition Routinely

Sometimes tires are part of the vehicle owner’s inspection. In fact, this tire is very important and influences the car’s speed. Without tires, a car cannot run smoothly on the road.

Therefore, the function of tires is very important and needs to be checked regularly, especially on used cars. Check the thickness of the tire rubber, if the tire is bald it means that the tire needs to be replaced.

Then also check the tire pressure. If the car is not getting enough air, then add more air until the tires have normal pressure.

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Change the Timing Belt

For timing belt replacement, it’s a good idea to bring this problem to the workshop so that it can be handled by an expert. This is due to the need for adjustments to the rotation of the gears that are related to the engine.

When you go to the workshop, do a tune up at least every three months to adjust the timing belt.

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Clean the Carburizing Filter

Dirty carburizing filters can make the engine stall and difficult to start. This is triggered by dirt or the amount of dust stuck to the filter. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the filter regularly to remove dirt or dust.

But it does not rule out the need for filter replacement if the filter has been damaged or is not suitable for use.

Caring for Car Paint

Caring for car paint is one way to keep a used car looking beautiful or even looking like new. First, wash the car using soap that is suitable and recommended for four-wheeled vehicles. Using inappropriate soap will damage the paint and body of the car.

Second, avoid parking the car in a place exposed to direct sunlight. Because this can make the car paint look dull.

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Avoid Cars Passing Potholes

As much as possible avoid cars running on roads that have lots of holes. This is to extend the life of the suspension.

Roads that have many holes have the potential to damage the suspension. In addition, it can also make car tires wear out or bald quickly. However, if you can’t avoid the potholes then proceed slowly and carefully.

Use the Car Regularly

Using a used car regularly can keep the engine in good health. Conversely, if it is often left unattended and rarely used, it will make the car engine difficult to start or often become sickly. This is because the scale or dirt that continues to settle in the machine does not come out of the drain.

Conditions like this if left unchecked can make the car experience a downturn in the engine and may require replacement of its components.

Benefits of Caring for Used Cars Routinely

  • After knowing some used car care, here are some of the benefits you can get when you routinely do maintenance on used cars:
  • Optimal Car Performance, over time the components of the car will experience a decline in performance. If left alone the car will be seriously damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a used car to maintain its performance.
  • Save on expenses, there is a term that is better to prevent than to cure. This is true before there is serious damage and expensive service costs so it is better to carry out maintenance to prevent it.
  • Rider Safety, a damage to the vehicle can endanger the rider. For example, car tires that are already thin or bald are still being driven, so the car can slip and could endanger the safety of the rider.
    However, by doing routine maintenance this can be avoided.
  • Driving comfort, maintenance that is carried out regularly will maintain the features of the car. So, the car can provide the best service for its driving.
  • Selling prices do not drop, one indicator that a car has an expensive selling price is the quality of the car itself. By doing regular maintenance, the car will be maintained, both in terms of interior, exterior and the engine system itself.

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